Austintown Junior Women’s League marks 25 years

AUSTINTOWN — The Austintown Junior Women’s League celebrated half a century of “volunteer spirit” Sunday with a dinner at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church.

The civic organization has been involved with many projects that highlight one of its areas of service — art, conservation, education, home life, international affairs and public affairs.

Ruty Rodriguez-Patterson, public relations and reporting secretary for the club, said one of its biggest events has been “Taste of Austintown,” now in its 12th year. The event raises money to provide three $1,000 scholarships to senior girls at Austintown Fitch High School.

Rodriguez-Patterson said the scholarship has criteria, but it doesn’t just target straight-A students; it also opens opportunities for nontraditional students.

The league also has made donations and planted flowers and shrubs at the all-inclusive playground in Canfield, and does a walk for St. Jude Children Research Hospital.

“We don’t just do cash; we do service,” Rodriguez-Patterson said.

The club of 41 women collects for UNICEF at Halloween; collects scarves, hats, and gloves for the local rescue missions in the winter; and is now collecting pill bottles to be reused for relief efforts abroad for areas in need — among many other projects.

Rodriguez-Patterson said what sets the league apart from other service organizations is the “volunteer spirit” that the women have.

“We’re just happy to serve the community,” Rodriguez-Patterson said.

The Austintown league is part of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, which has more than 100,000 members in affiliated clubs in every state and more than a dozen countries.

In the state, the Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs last month celebrated 125 years.

On Sunday, Austintown Trustee Jim Davis presented the league with a proclamation celebrating its anniversary and service to the community.

“No one could express the gratitude we have for the members of the Austintown Junior Women’s League. They’ve proven to be leaders and visionaries for Austintown and young women in or community for the past 25 years,” Davis said. “We congratulate them on their many years of dedication and look forward to their continued service to the community.”


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