Trustees salute the good in Liberty

LIBERTY– Trustees honored the late Patrick Ungaro, the Liberty In Bloom organization and police officer Rob Altier during Monday’s regular meeting.

On behalf of the Liberty Historical Society, Trustee Jodi Stoyak and society president Judy McGuire presented a plaque to family of the late administrator Patrick Ungaro, who died in late August.

“He (Ungaro) devoted his remaining time and efforts at making Liberty a great place. He always had a great outlook, and he never backed down from that. He always cared for the greater good of Liberty until up until his final days. He truly enjoyed serving this town to the community. And I just want to thank you again for this honor as we will always be proud of our dad,” said Ungaro’s daughter Candice Ungaro-Jones.

Stoyak, along with Liberty In Bloom members, also presented a framed poster of the Reconstruction of the Interstate 80 Triangle Bed to trustees, acknowledging and celebrating donors for the project, which planted pink and white crabapple

trees and installed

American flags.

“All donations are listed on this poster. And I would like to put this up next to the American flag picture behind the podium. Over the years, Liberty In Bloom has received thousands of dollars and utilize volunteers for all of this plantings,” Stoyak said.

Police Chief Toby Meloro honored officer Altier for his work Sept. 20 saving a 1-year-old who was choking. Altier was able to successfully open the child’s mouth and use the finger-sweep procedure clearing the child’s airway of an obstruction.

“This direct action by Altier most likely saving child’s life,” Meloro said. “I believe the children of our community are our number one asset. They’re going to be the future leaders of the world. I can tell you that from a perspective of a father, and a grandfather, and a police chief, the actions by Altier not only save the lives of the one-year-old child, but dramatically changed the lives of his parents.”

Also at the meeting:

∫ Senior Road Foreman Tim Monroe and Trumbull County Engineer Randy Smith presented updates on the township’s paving program. The road department was able to pave 16 roads consisting of 8.2 miles during 2019;

∫ CT Consultants, Inc Senior Engineer Jeff Smith also presented updates to the Corridor Plan and Park Creek Restoration Plan;

∫ Approved the proposed Community Reinvestment Area Agreement between the Board of County Commissioners of Trumbull County and Sabatine BK Development LLC, for a 10-year partial tax abatement for improvements to be made at 4200 Belmont Ave. for construction of a free-standing coffee shop with drive-through;

∫ Adopted a moratorium on consideration of Community Reinvestment Area tax abatement until Feb 1, 2020 to allow time for the board to develop a rubric for evaluating proposed projects.



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