Purple reigns at Youngstown schools to encourage nonviolence

Staff report

YOUNGSTOWN — The Youngstown City school district staff wore purple Monday to show support for nonviolence.

October is both National Domestic Violence Awareness and National Bullying Prevention Month. The staff used Monday as its Unity Day and wore purple in support.

Sarah Lett, a social worker at Chaney High School, said adult school leaders have to show students a different way of handling conflict and putting an end to this trauma.

“It is vital that the district shows its support because violence is so prevalent in our kids’ daily lives,” Lett said.

“Our kids witness it at home, in the community in which they live and on the news. By acknowledging the issue and teaching coping skills to our children, we can and will end this domino effect, one family at a time,” she said.

District CEO Justin Jennings said the exercise is a way to support the teaching of the Golden Rule.

“Many of our scholars have had life experiences with violence,” Jennings said.

“Our goal is to support and educate our scholars not only in the classroom but in life as well,” the CEO added.