Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County Oct 16-22:


Kyle W. Frinak to Margaret H. Tinkey, 2234 Breezewood Drive, $135,000

Margaret H. Tinkey to Michael A. Zandarski & Robin Zandarski, 4420 Aspen Drive, $144,000

Sheryl L. Dionisio etal to Michelle L. Pritt, trustee, 5805B Herons Blvd., $153,000

Estate of Jack A. Sedjo to Cody J. Stokes and Cierea Stokes, 4782 Pine Trace St., $100,000

Mark Kellerman to Ronda Barth, 4636 Driftwood Land, $126,000

Teresa L. Gallagher to John R. Cross and James S. Cross, 4108 Lanterman Road, $28,000

William Ambuter to Justin Bauman, 4619 Warwick South, $88,000

Erik T. Derrow and Chloe O. Derrow to Brandon Batcho, 155 Country Green Drive, $140,000.

Shirley L. Nestich to Michael L. Scarnecchia, 4173 Nottingham Ave., $96,500

Joseph T. Ceremuga to RS Westside Holdings LLC and NEO Group 1 LLC, 1380 Yolanda Place, $62,000


Kaye E. Morrow to Jared Whitford, 12550 South Ave., $105,000

Donald A. DeChellis and Delaine H. DeChellis to Joseph A. Staffeld and Deborah E. Staffeld, Lot 12 Longview Circle, $60,000


Michael Myhal and Rebecca Myhal to James M. Italiano, 4184 S. Duck Creek Road, $58,500


Joshua M. Kellar and Jessica L. Kellar to Jacob M. Locketti, 3919 Stratmore Ave., $71,000

Loretta J. Varkonda to Patrick Cattoni, 1533 Brandon Ave., $89,900

Michael J. Schorsten and Katie L. Schorsten to Jonathan Husted and Allison Husted, 244 Brookfield Ave., $118,000

US Bank Trust NA to Richard Brillhart and Desiree Brillhart, 5240 Jeannelynn St., $44,000

The Bank of New York Mellon to Mohammed Ali Omran, 1878 Oles Ave., $35,000.

Margaret Rouzzo to Katelyn N. and Brandon Ciavarella, 7674 Buchanan Drive, $174,000

Girls Property Group LLC to SCSW Realty Group LLC, 822 E. Western Reserve Road, $580,000

James Daprile, trustee to MBSS Investments LTD, Southern Blvd., $57,200

Michael Brian Cope and Cathleen E. Cope to Anthony J. Scacchetti and Blythe Scacchetti, 60 Withers Drive, $143,000

Anthony J. Cycyk and Allison M. Giancola to Jeffrey A. and Mary F. Kolesar, 6710 Lockwood Blvd., $190,500

Anglea Stewart nka Angela Lamb to Kenneth W. Fisher, 62 Woodview Ave., $132,500

Joseph R. Larkins II to Karen E. Hoffer, 7124 Glenwood Ave., $89,500

Joseph J. and Erica L. Cassese to Jason Nixon, 7685 Winterberry Drive, $305,000

Richard E. Jurus Jr. to David Skeels and Tiffany Steele, 318 Ingram Drive, $148,500

Mark Leger to Toby Wright, 181 Afton Ave., $45,000

Ryan Gougler to Corey Scott Evans and Karen Lynn Evans, 8346 Hitchcock Road, $155,000

U.S. Bank N.A., trustee to Christine Vath, 1787 Basil Ave., $37,503

David E. Rittenour and Diane M. Rittenour to Brandon Ribic and Lee Ann Ribic, 5201 Winged Foot Drive, $385,000


Veronica Davis to Richard and Heidi A. Dunlap, 87 Camvet Drive, $77,500

Gary M. Crim, Inc. to SLW Development LLC, 730 12th St., $115,000

Barbara S. Tarcy to Joseph A. Rodriguez, 338 Sanderson Ave., $40,000


Cody J. Stokes to Carles R. Fox and Tecia J. Fox, 131 Dartmouth Ave., $223,500

Linda Robinson to Theresa Maire Lenhart, 50 Stratford Green No. 4, $110,000

Myles A. Kifer and Lisa Kifer to Mariah Snyder, 251 Chapel Lane, $175,000

Canfield Township

Kyle D. and Shana L. Neuhaus to Hunter R. Dorman, 4032 St. Andrews Court Unit 5, $96,000

GRPL Enterprises Inc. to Domenica J. and Gennaro Russo, trustees, 1200 Fox Den Trail, $50,000

Sam and Susan Carsonie to Renee E. Greenawalt, 6787 S. Palmyra Road, $325,000

Dorothy J. Kamensky, trustee to Paul Holden and Kathleen Ann Holden, 4355 S. Canfield-Niles Road, $100,000

Andrezj Koszykowski and Terence Koszykowski & to Samuel F. and Susan C. Carsonie, 6950 Steeplechase Drive, $370,000

DiCioccio Construction to Raymond J. Pool Jr. and Diane J. Pool, 3926 Mary Way, $56,500


Estate of Fredric. D. McKee to Jeffery A. and Kira S. Ramsey, 11027 Leffingwell Road, $205,000

Lynn Bartholomew to H. Butch Meats LLC, 10511 W. Akron Canfield Road, $75,000


Barry J. Lane and Beth A. Lane to Eric L. Szijj and Amanda M. Szijj, 12710 S. Salem Warren Road, $122,000


Ivy A. Nezbeth to Austin Hogan, Lisbon Road, $45,000

Donald and JoAnn Hall to Doris J. Renfro, 160 N. Middle St., $25,000

Michelle R. Bindas and Richard A. Bindas Jr. to Thomas J. Arundel and Abigail N. Arundel, 7775 Pleasant Valley Court, $315,000


Walter K. and Lorine D. Schrader to Leslie K. Daniels, 334 Queisner Ave., $69,000


Estate of Sally Lutes to J-Four LLC, 17771 Willard Place, $375,000

Michele H. Butler, trustee to Robert A. Knepper and Wendy S. Knepper, 18189 Lillian Drive, $165,000

John Annichenni to Robert J. Tedesco Jr. and Alice C. Tedesco, 26 Forest St., $175,000


Pamela A. Roscoe and Kimberly I. Burns to Mariah Varkonda and Loretta Varkonda, 8545 Four Seasons Trail, $162,400

Ashleigh Rebecca Noel to Jessica Skillman, 2877 Highland Ave., $126,000

Helen B. Martinko to Vada G. Graham and Corey B. Clements, 2472 Knollwood Ave., $125,000

Wakefield Young Properties Inc. to Cortney Young, 19 Nesbitt St., $82,000

Adam Robert Shankle to Andrea B. and Thomas McGoogan, 7692 Youngstown Pittsburgh Road, $96,000

Rose Petrella to Patricia R. Marshall, 7007 Clingan Road No. 42, $212,500


Connie Richmond to Patricia Wilson, 556 W. Tennessee Ave., $25,000

Boyd & Hawkins LLC by Jon D. Walker to Don W. Ring III, 135 W. Kentucky Ave., $65,000


Barth and Richardson Management, Ltd. to Dibo Construction, LLC, 10370 Carrousel Woods Drive, $34,000

Dibo Construction, LLC to Nicholas S. Frangopoulos and Ilias N. Frangopoulos, 10370 Carrousel Woods Drive, $267,000

Sean Scott Davis et al., to Timothy W. Good, 2705 E. South Range Road., $184,500

Linda Kiraly to BCS Development LLC, 134 Heron Bay Drive, $60,000

Rebecca S. Manning and Jeffrey L. Hum, trustees to Jared M. Musial, 9619 N. Lima Road, $220,000

Smith Township

Mule Sidetracks LLC to Youngstown & Southeastern RR Co., 14 parcels, $809,153

James Hollingsworth and Vicki Hollingsworth to Holly A. Oyster and Russell P. Friend, 21382 Harrisburg Westville Road, $168,000

Barbara McCorkhill Living Trust to Jodie L. McRobie and Jordan E. McRobie, 11668 Beloit Snodes Road, $225,000


Colleen A. Egnacheski to Lawrence Y. Smith, 494 7th St., $38,500

DCZ Property Group, LLC to Brianna Vizzini, 242 Park Way, $53,900

George Liptak to Deborah Ann Mannino, 575 Elm St., $92,500

Irene Tufaro to Dominic R. Leone III, 621 W. Harvey St., $113,000

Paul and Anna Marie Trimacco to Brian Welther, 37 Wetmore Drive, $59,900

Rachyl L. Kos to Ralph M. Meta, 437 6th St., $62,500

DSK Properties LLC to Emma Elisabetta Martini Memmer, 144 Morrison St., $38,000

Raymond D. Boyd Sr. to Bank of New York Mellon, 71 Iroquois St., $36,000

Chris J. Barbato and Michelle Barbato to Thomas O. Shook and Lisa L. Shook, 100 Forest Creek Drive, $194,000


WM Capital Partners, LLC to Roshawnda R. Humphrey, 4327 Webster Ave., Youngstown, $31,168

Susan B. Campbell to Darnelle L. Scrutchen, 482 N. Osborn Ave., $77,500

Myra Troske to Scott Mackenzie, 151 S. Osborn Ave., $43,000

Wendy A. Ritter to Jose L. Garriga Sanchez, 2021 Lynn Ave., $49,000

Rosy 7 LLC to Victor M. Cruz and Sheanna Aponte, 362 Irma Ave., $229,000

D.B. Hackett and Company LLC to SRP Management LLC, 3264 Cricket Lane, $43,000

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. to Rayen Properties, LLC, 1005 W. Rayen Ave., $60,000

Carmel A. Perrico to Robert J. Legendre and Kathleen A. Legendre, 147 S. Belle Vista Ave., $30,000

Anthony Alvino to Kimberly A. Davis, 212 S. Osborn Ave., $57,000

Julie L. Hoskins to Rayfield A. Bell, 2635 Christine Lane, $105,000

Hood Maintenance Group LLC to Ridge Awadallah, 611 N. Hazelwood Ave., $52,000

Debra M. Pompoco to Andrea Harvey and Jossada M. Cantres-Harvey, 12 N. Glenellen Ave., $21,000

Funtulis Property Group LLC to Funtulis Enterprises LLC, 1142 Detroit Ave., $39,500

Trimar Investments LLC to Funtilis Property Group LLC, 1638 Wakefield, $30,000

Arcilia Figueroa to Alex J. Zordich, 252 Valley Drive, $28,000

Christine A. Tul to Bradley J. Lisko and Roseann Lisko, 2255 Burma Drive, $114,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County Oct. 2-8:


Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, trustee to Andrew C. Mitchell, 120 Country Green Drive, $99,750

Andrea M. Gleussner and Christopher Colaluca to Joseph D. Repp, 2348 Birch Trace, $112,000

Michael B. Brubaker to Waseem Muhammad Akhtar and Nadia Badar, 4535 Aspen Drive, $55,000

Russell F. Davidson and Shelli R. Davidson to Corey M. Marshall and Brianna Marshall, 104 Woodglen Ave., $112,000

William R. and Linda L. Agnone to Morgan Burke, 3441 Johnson Farm Drive, $148,000

Denise M. O’Hara to Christopher P. and Andrea M. Colaluca, 6884 Berry Blossom Drive, $197,000

Grace Williams to Logan J. Thomas, 4091 Stark Drive, $115,000

Jessiccca Richard et al., to Paul S. Dimon, 11 N. Beverly Ave., $22,000

BGRS, LLC to David D. Wasserman and Katelyn Wasserman, 4290 Woodleigh Ln., $95,000

Richard W. Cook to Steven J. Streb Jr., 4885 Warwick Drive, $153,000

Ashley Cvetkovich to Valentini Properties, LLC, 2850 S. Meridian Road, $30,000

King Development Group LLC to Charles S. Colbert and Mollie J. Colbert, 1951 Birch Trace Drive, $132,000

Matthew J. Mesaros to Matthew M. Rohrbaugh, 3931 New Road, $84,900

Estate of Theodore H. Glass to Planet Home Lending LLC, 4629 Burkey Road, $66,000

Angela M. Himes to Angela N. Schneider, 27 S. Beverly Ave., $87,000


Henry Tomidajewicz and Roxanne Tomidajewicz to Linda K. Sypert, 601 E. Western Reserve Road #301, $193,000

Andrew J. Reid to Margaret Rouzzo, 601 E. Western Reserve Road, $135,000


Donald H. Blair and Bernice J. Blair to Cheryl Fink and Steve Fink, 7137 Bedell Road, $255,900

Michael T. Taylor and Theresa M. Taylor to Premier Real Estate Ltd., $56,667


Daniel Johnson to Cynthia Ford and Lisa Bianco, 229 Erskine Ave., $64,000

Arick Hammar to Hakim T. Abuenaaj, 8149 Stadler Ave., $120,000

William M. Gavalier and Kristen E. Gavalier to John R. Socha III, 152 Afton Ave., $60,000

Daniel A. Kessler to Lindsay M. Vrancich, 1163 Redtail Hawk Drive #6, $100,000

Lawrence E. Deckant to Julia Clara Sheffler and Anna Elizabeth Petty, 4703 Southern Blvd., $52,900

Gina L. Yarab to James Marzo Jr. and Angela Marzo, 5511 Tracy Drive, $167,000

Corey J. Grimm to Marcus Rivera, 6709 Blue Bird Lane, $115,000

Robert L. Sebulsky to AROD Holdings LLC, 465 Orlo Ln., $100,000

Kelli McDevitt to Michael R. Martin and Evie Cruz-Martin, 1520 Barbie Drive, $294, 900

James J. and Angela Marzo Jr. to Albert Pugh III, 3929 Stratmore Ave., $78,000

David Verdinek and Wayne Verdinek to Jessica Verdinek, 150 Charles Ave., $40,000

Dennis J. and Lonnis L. Straub to Ritika Sharma, 587 Presidential Drive, $283,000

Daniel R. Smith et al., to Charles Kelso and Linda Kelso, 42 Homestead Drive, $55,000

James W. and Bette Dunn to Thomas Mark Burke, 270 Griswold Drive, $123,000

Elizabeth L. Jackson htta: Elizabeth L. Roberts to Kaitlyn Strines and Tyler Bradford, 754 Orlo Ln., $106,000

Forest Paul Clark to John Snow and Hillary Hays, 4956 Grover Drive, $40,000

Thomas M. Janosik Family Trust No. One to Hendrix Muhammad and Stefanie Janosik, 7739 W. Parkside Drive, $110,000

JP Morgan Chase Bank Nat’l Association to Miller Real Estate II LTD, 4190 Bob-O-Link Drive, $73,100

Marilyn Linberger to Jason Chapman and Kathy Salerno, 4141 Arden Blvd., $57,500

Elizabeth Rondinelli to Lynee R. Aiad-Toss, 5917 Tippecanoe Road, $220,000


Store Capital Acquisitions, LLC to Legion Restaurant Group, LLC, 587 E. Main St., $475,000

Richard J. Schiraldi, trustee to Anthony D. Gennaro and Shannon L. Gennaro, 44 Oakmont Ct., $500,000

Melissa Dravecky to Gwendolyn Leftwich Geletka, trustee, 21 Barnstone Lane, $275,000

Cindy A. and Frank J. Lanterman to Anthony J. and Allison M. Cycyk, 275 S. Broad St., $241,000

James R. and Donna J. Armstrong to Melissa Sue and Timothy Wayne Gatten, 60 Lake Wobegon Drive, $332,500

Nancy Jane Dove to Scott Griffith et al., 70 Neff Drive, $90,000

Canfield Township

GRPL Enterprises Inc. to James C. Kennedy and Sara M. Kennedy, 4642 Legacy Drive, $480,000

Rhonda M. Clark to Jonathan Italiano, 216 Sawmill Run Drive, $161,000

Dominic Cicchi and Georgia Cicchi to Helen J. Reeder, 4833 My Way, $430,000

Gwendolyn Leftwich Geletka, trustee to Henry J. and Roxanne M. Tomidajewicz, 3900 Mercedes Pl., $226,800

Lynee R. Aiad-Toss to Joseph Cilone Jr. and Stephanie Cilone, 3960 Montereale Drive, $782,500

William Blasdell to Corey J. Grimm and Karly B. Johnson, 4665 Bunny Trl., $347,000

Craig Beach

Craig Beach Realty LLC to Guy Costello, Craig Drive, $44,500

Sunscape Development LLC to Justin M. Oliver, Grandview Road, $109,000


Mary Ann Doland, trustee to Scott E. Riddle, 8384 Knauf Road, $330,000


Coralie A. Stamp, trustee to Eli Dunn and Katelyn Dunn, 11380 W. South Range Road, $189,000


Nathan A. Walker and Jamie L. Walker to Justin M. Housley and Kerrie L. Housley, 7695 W. Calla Road, $183,500


Ruth M. Shambach to Arona Erika Brooke, 4633 Pritchard Ohltown Road, $98,000

Larry D. Jones et al., to H. Benjamin Campbell and Jamie L. Campbell, 16236 Palmyra Road, $55,400

Westfall’s Restaurant and Pizzeria LLC to John Harvey, 18148 Mahoning Ave., $220,000

Robert Duponty and Deva Duponty to Scott E. Schrader and Connie M. Schrader, 18002 Verna Ave., $108,000


Dawn P. Daugherty, trustee to Maria Christina Quintalti, 430 N. Main St., $77,900

Jeffrey R. Purser and Sarah S. Purser, trustees to Sarah E. Asti and Brandon J. Green, 2857 Highland Ave., $158,000

Berta M. McGuire to Catherine T. Stacy and Rick Hanley, 7214 Clovermeade Ave., $140,000

Catherne T. Stacy to Patrick Genova and Carol Ellen Genova, 7660 Moore Road, $275,000

James R. Beam Jr. to Timothy A. Strasik, 59 Renwick Drive, $114,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Michael P. Zembower Jr., 725 N. Main St., $100,000

Patrick A. Myers to Michael P. McKee and Sarah L. McKee, 6319 Apache Ln., $175,000

Matthew G. Zelina and Erin N. Zelina to Robert R. Foster and Miranda E. Foster, 1771 Bedford Road, $40,000


Heather Markley to JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., 435 Indiana Ave., $22,667

Stanley L. Vovko Jr. to Deannea Hoopes-Johnson, 145 Pennsyl

vania, $39,800


Patricica G. Ludt to George A. Guesman Jr., 20739 W. Courtney Road, $89,000


Kathleen M. Lyda and Deborah Simon, trustees to MC Golf Realty LLC, 1091 Paulin Road, $1,566,667

Wells Fargo Bank NA to William Dunlap, 2346 Columbiana Road, $32,000

Richard C. Carano, trustee to Thomas R. Penwell III and Mary Ellen Penwell, 9151 Springfield Road, $215,000


Jack E. Favia Jr. to Harley M. M. Horger, 359 W. Omar Ave., $74,000

Habitat for Humanity of Mahoning Valley to William Boylen and McKenzie Boylen, 352 Woodbine, $68,000

Jean Landry to OPM Ohio 20 LLC, 24 Euclid Ave., $24,000

Karen Terlecki and Michael C. Terlecki, 630 Como St., $40,600


George Cintron to Martin Berger and Louisa Berger, 1415 Avon St., $25,000

Peakes Company of Youngstown Ohio LLC to Michael Downing Realty LTD, 1815 Belmont Ave., $325,000

Steven Griffiths and Marijo Kellams to Justin M. Goist, 251 Maywood Drive, $43,000

Jacqueline Logiudice to Stephen Cody Kelly, 3857 Schenley Ave., $46,350

Andrea R. Daniels to BBJD Ventures, LLC, 330 Bradley Ln., $33,334

LeRoy H. VanDyke Jr. to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, 124 N. Belle Vista Ave., $20,667

Scott R. Schulick to Anthony and Megan Lamarca, 1002 Old Furnace Road, $98,000

Blue Eagle Enterprises, Inc. to Daniel J. Pompili, 3220 Bears Den Road, $70,000

Estate of Martin D. Crawford to Nancy Byle, 3294 Hermosa Drive, $80,500

Carmen Silvestri to Joseph D. Mancini and Michele L. Mancini, 3364 Glen Oaks Drive, $66,000

IRA Services Trust Company CFBO to OPM Ohio 19 LLC, 1953 Wakefield Ave., $22,500

Maureen A. Cronin to 3744 Corp., 987 Canfield Road, $72,000

Candice M. Anzalone to Christopher L. Hartman, 1758 Overlook Ave., $93,600

Kevin A. and Angeline M. Traylor to Rosa L. Henderson-Ashford, 225 Curry Pl., $54,900

Debra A. Hightower to Planet Home Lending LLC, 2501 Gladwae Drive, $75,645

Rafael Rosario to David R. Hovis and Donna J. Hovis, 173 Wychwood Ln., $40,920

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County Sept. 25-Oct. 1:

Craig Beach

Dean H. and Marjorie I. Speerhas to Sandra K. Lisko, 17903 Glendale Ave., $136,000

Brenna D. Milano to Matthew M. Stahr and Kathryn M. Stahr,

Jersey St., $65,000

Frederick M. Martsolf and Pamela J. Martsolf to Aaron Busch, 17563 Kenmore Road, $142,000


Vincent Bernard and Deborah Burgy to Timothy M. Cooper and Kylie A. Blum, Leffingwell Road, $86,879


Nancy Parker to Sarah Simcox, 361 Windjammer Drive, $165,000


Joseph J. DeCrow et al. to Property Renovations of Alliance, LLC, 14810 Country Club Lane, $95,000

Neva K. Greenamyer to Robert L. Jarvis and Rita M. Jarvis, 14524 W. Calla Road, $284,000

Dorla J. Santee, trustee to Dwight Santee and Karen Santee, W. South Range Road, $21,500

Coralie A. Stamp, trustee to Bricker Land LLC, W. South Range Road, $120,930

John D. Yerkey to Larry Larew, 12800 W. Middletown Road, $238,600


Janet R. Stone to Lisa Layson, 9182 Youngstown Salem Road, $115,000


Bonnie I. Folk and Richard L. Folk to Ruedee Mikovich, 12147 Gladstone Road, $400,000

Poland Township

Denise M. Decesare to Todd E. Patterson and Sandra S. Patterson, 5551 Walnut Grove Cir., $341,500

Joshua J. Noble and Meribeth Pantall-Noble to Marc Anthony Daprile and Kara K. Daprile, 23 Water St., $219,000

James F. Brown to Larry Sammartino and Jenna Sammartino, 4010 Via Cassia, $392,000

Bette Shellogg, trustee to David A. Tancer and Skye N. Tancer, 7734 Christopher Drive, $235,370

Richard K. and Patricia M. Huggins to Ryan Remsey and Lindsay Remsey, 2898 Denver Drive, $242,000

Gerald A. Delboccio and Melissa A. Delboccio to George Lyras, 6853 Katahdin Drive, $180,000

Mildred A. Terihay to Cosmo Iamurri and Jennifer Brown Iamurri, 8492 Van Drive, $120,000

Shellie L. Duchek and David S. Duchek to John K. Vardavas, 42 Hamilton Ave., $131,000

John J. Massie et al., to Alexander Daniel Dailey and Amy Lynn Dailey, 16 Lee Drive, $115,000

The Angelilli Revocable Trust to Garry R. and Deborah L. Gavin, 8181 Village Cir., $432,000


Kenneth R. Zeppernick and Patricia D. Zeppernick to Kelley M. Clark and Caitlin E. Clark, 565 N. 19th St., $206,000


John E. and Sarah L. Simcox to Edward R. and Gloria E. Wilson, 14860 Woodworth Road, $180,000

Keith A. Douglas and Charlene L. Douglas to David J. Rodenbaugh, 5347 Skye Drive, $173,800

Barth and Richardson Management LTD to Dibo Construction LLC, 10389 Carrousel Woods Drive, $32,000

Dibo Construction LLC to Denise and James Hardie, 10389 Carrousel Woods Drive, $238,204.18


Joseph G. Rogel et al. to John D. Rogel, 22444 Atwood St., $40,000

Fred M. and Cathleen A. Long to Leeanna O’Connell and Kati O’Connell, 10435 Bandy Road, $145,000

Audrey J. Risbeck to Johnny Ray Lindsay and Marissa Sharar, 18700 Middletown Road, $231,000


U.S. Bank Nat’l Association, trustee to Joseph McNichol and Cathy McNichol, 216 Misty Woods Court, $166,900

Genia M. Simchak to Tiffany Camara, 284 Sexton St., $72,000

Deborah Dancker to David Dancker, 306 W. Hopewell Drive, $70,000

Andrew D. Carnahan and Deborah Carnahan to Ian C. Russell, 160 Perry St., $40,500

Susan Humphrys et al., to Reid Zola, 164 Grimm Heights Ave., $70,000

Danny Morgan to Vincent M. Vitucci, 80 Como Ave., $79,000


Allied Erecting & Dismantling Co. to Fab Barn, LLC, 2100 Poland Ave., $349,375

Allied Erecting & Dismantling Co. to 2057 Poland Ave. LLC, 2057 Poland Ave., $806,250

Allied Erecting & Dismantling Co. to Theodosios Hazimihalis, 2039 Poland Ave., $107,500

Allied Erecting & Dismantling Co. to Pipe Barn, LLC, 1290 Poland Ave., $1,505,000

Louis Richendollar and Stephanie Richendollar to Tracy Davies, 517 Wilkinson Ave., $60,000

Barahi LLC to CJR Petroleum Inc., 667 S. Meridian Road, $360,000

Gloria Rubbo to Sandra Dukes Cleary, 2775 Rexford Road, $59,900

Allied Erecting & Dismantling Co. to Red Barn Ohio, LLC, 2100 Poland Ave., $5,267,500

Wyatt T. Oswald and Karen A. Oswald, Sydney M. Telischak and Michelle M. Venneri, 3456 Risher Ave., $63,000

It’s Five o’clock Somewhere LLC to Jennifer M. White, 822 Cambridge Ave., $33,000

Francisco Henriquez to EROS 74 Investments, 218 Matta Ave., $30,000

Terri L. Johnston to Helen J. Bowman, 3325 Quentin Drive, $77,750

Stephanie A. Honen and Joan L. Hall to James E. Blevins, 1235 Old Furnace Road, $127,200