On the record | Austintown trustees


WHAT: Township trustees meeting

Monday by teleconference

PRESENT: Jim Davis and Ken Carano

ABSENT: Steve Kent


Approved an $18,000 property lease agreement with the Mahoning County Solid Waste District. The Green Team leases space from the township at Austintown Township Park and next to the 9/11 Memorial for recycling bins;

Approved placing a 0.8-mill renewal levy for parks and recreational purposes on the November ballot. The levy is not a new tax;

Announced the splash pad in Austintown Township Park is now open. The splash pad and playground equipment are being disinfected each morning, according to parks supervisor Todd Shaffer;

Announced mosquito spraying will take place July 14 and Aug. 6 starting after dark and ending around midnight;

Declared the following properties a nuisance: 3460 Almerinda Drive, 2438 Amberly St., 2455 Amberly St., 2476 Amberly St., 3837 Burkey Road, 4445 Burkey Road, 590 Carlin Drive, 4169 Crum Road, 4177 Crum Road, 2957 Collingwood Place, 7 Forest Hill Drive, 427 N. Four Mile Run Road, 205 S. Four Mile Run Road, 162 Georgetown Place, 120 Idlewood Road, 147 Idlewood Road, 3400 Johnson Farm Drive, 1516 Maplecrest Drive, 5167 New Road, 5430 Norquest Blvd., 5648 Norquest Blvd., 4287 Pembrook Road, 4326 Pembrook Road, 2220 Penny Lane, 2874 Penny Lane, 55 S. Raccoon Road, 1520 S. Raccoon Road, 1705-1739 S. Raccoon Road, 1741-1747 S. Racoon Road, 2002 S. Raccoon Road, 3422 Rebecca Drive, 2546 Redgate Lane, 3602 S. Raccoon Road, 153 N. Racoon Road, 617 N. Raccoon Road, 4415 N. Warwick, 3388 White Beech Lane and a vacant lot at the northeast corner of Mahoning Avenue and North Turner Road;

Declared the following junk vehicles: an inoperable 2009 Kia with expired license plates at 3671 Acton Ave. and an inoperable silver Plymouth with an expired license plate at 4693 Barrington Drive;

Heard from Township Administrator Michael Dockry that the price of road salt for the township this year is $53.45 per ton, down from $72.23 per ton last year. Salt prices are determined year to year based on supply and demand;

Heard from Carano that Ohio Edison will be in the community trimming trees away from power lines. Although they may be in front of houses, Ohio Edison has the legal right to protect the wires, and the township cannot stop them, according to Carano;

Heard from Davis that 8-year-old Addyson Price, who was selling her artwork for $1 a piece to raise money to buy books for her second-grade teacher, Kristin Havaich, raised enough money to buy all the needed books. Addyson’s art table was stolen last week when she went inside to clean up, and a new table was donated by Davis and Lt. Mark Skowron of the Austintown Police Department. Addyson intends to buy Skowron’s shift lunch as a thank-you, Davis said.

Heard from police Chief Robert Gavalier, who thanked community members and businesses who have recently donated meals to the police department.

• Allie Vugrinci


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