Valley Leadership Team to receive recognition

YOUNGSTOWN — The Mahoning Valley Leadership Team, a coalition of elected, nonprofit, education and economic development officials, will be recognized for its efforts to boost community and economic development initiatives.

The “Commitment to Community Excellence” is presented by Communities of Excellence 2026 in partnership with the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program.

A virtual ceremony is planned for 10 a.m. Tuesday.

“Mahoning Valley community leaders involved in this effort have persevered through the challenges of 2020, and we are now prepared to move into the next phase of the Baldrige process, during which we will define specific strategic initiatives which will address equitable economic development, health and safety, and quality of life for Mahoning Valley residents,” said Jim Kinnick, executive director of Eastgate Regional Council of Governments and founding member of the leadership team.

For the past year, representatives from several Mahoning Valley community and economic development organizations have participated in the Communities of Excellence 2026 National Learning Collaborative, based on criteria developed by the National Institute of Science and Technologys Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, through which the regional representatives have received training and coaching to better align, prioritize, and measure the impact of community and economic development initiatives.

The three- year learning collaborative focuses on assessment, collaboration, engagement and prioritization of joint strategic initiatives that address equitable economic development, and the health and safety and the quality of life of citizens.

The “Commitment to Community Excellence” designation recognizes the successful completion of the first level of the national assessment and recognition program.



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