Company secures federal contract

AUSTINTOWN — CHZ Technologies LLC has secured a contract from the Army Corps of Engineers to study nonincineration technology that could benefit the U.S. government.

The agreement calls for the firm to provide evidence that Thermolyzer technology, owned by an affiliate of the Austintown-based company, Aliquippa Holdings LLC, also of Austintown, can recycle the main waste streams, all hydrocarbon materials, generated by government agencies efficiently and gauge the potential to produce power.

“The technology essentially recycles almost all of the waste into beneficial recycled salable products,” said Ernest Zavoral, CEO of CHZ Technologies. “The technology is a waste industry disruptor.”

The $285,000 contract is for 18 months.

According to the company, the technology also can economically recycle byproducts of aluminum, steel, nonferrous materials and glass that can be sold. To reach that objective, 14 tests are required on five waste mixtures and must show the technology can operate economically at a rate of no more than 10 tons per day of mixed solid waste, recycle of variety of mixed waste and produce a usable output of energy that meets environmental permitting anywhere.

The technology, according to the company, converts all materials with hydrocarbons in a renewable synthetic gas and byproducts that can be sold. The gas can be used to generate power or steam heat in gas turbines, engines and boilers designed for it.


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