11:45 a.m.: Ex-cop Chance pleads to tempering with records

YOUNGSTOWN — Former Youngstown police officer Phil Chance Jr., 41, pleaded guilty today to six counts of tampering with records that alleged he falsified six certificates for individuals trying to get their carrying-concealed-weapons permit.

His indictments say the offenses occurred at various times in 2018 and name six people whose CCW permits were involved.

Chance also was indicted on six counts of falsification to obtain a concealed handgun license, but prosecutors dismissed those charges in exchange for guilty pleas to the tampering charges.

Chance could get up to three years in prison, but the offenses could result in a sentence of as little as six months, Judge Maureen Sweeney told Chance during his hearing in Mahoning County Common Pleas Court.

Chance resigned from the department in 2012 after a theft investigation. His father, Phil Chance Sr., served as Mahoning County sheriff from Jan. 7, 1997, until July 16, 1999, but resigned amid allegations of impropriety.


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