Stambaugh posts past shows on YouTube

Stambaugh Auditorium wants to give people a place to go digitally at a time when they can’t go physically to the Youngstown theater.

A digital series featuring past performances at Stambaugh started Friday with Opera Western Reserve’s 2016 performance of Georges Bizet’s “Carmen.” A new video will premiere each Friday at 7 p.m. on Stambaugh’s YouTube page (with a link posted at stam baughauditorium.com) and will remain available online.

Marketing and Design Manager Jamie Marshall said the staff had been posting clips from past performances on its social media account before deciding to make full concerts and performances available. The series was structured the way it is to create a bit of excitement, to give audiences an opportunity to plan on seeing a performance at a specific time, the same way they would if they had a ticket for an event at Stambaugh.

“We decided to do it as a premiere so if you have the opportunity to sit down and join a friend, to call and say, ‘I’m going to watch this, you should watch too.’ We didn’t want to just post a bunch on there and have it be a binge-watching thing. We wanted it to be more of a weekly experience.”

And those who watch “live” each week can post comments as the show unfolds and converse with others who are watching.

The video are part of Stambaugh’s archives. All of Opera Western Reserve’s performances have been recorded since 2013 and they have a few years of Stambaugh Youth Concert Band shows.

“A lot of these archival videos were not really recorded for what we’re using it for,” Marshall said. “Some of it’s pretty raw.

“We started recorded Opera Western Reserve so they could have something to use when applying for grants, just to show what they have done … With the Youth Concert Band, we actually recorded them so the parents can purchase a copy.”

A weekly schedule is set through June 19 and more programs will be added. The entertainment is being offered at a time when the staff at Stambaugh is unsure when the venue will be able to present live attractions.

“Everything in the spring brochure has been postponed,” Marshall said. “We’re waiting on new dates for a lot of the events. Everything changes every single day.”

Performances featured in Stambaugh’s digital series include:

• Friday — Stambaugh Youth Concert Band (Spring 2018)

• May 15 — Fred Astaire Dance Studios Youngstown — Seasons of Love (2018)

• May 22 — Stambaugh Youth Concert Band (Fall 2018)

• May 29 — Opera Western Reserve’s “Madama Butterfly” (2018)

• June 5 — Stambaugh Youth Concert Band (Spring 2019)

• June 12 — To be determined

• June 19 — Stambaugh Youth Concert Band (Fall 2019)

All programs start at 7 p.m., and a link to the livestream will be available at stambaughauditorium. com


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