Vindys set to record live CD / DVD for 2020

The band The Vindys has had no trouble attracting attention with its recordings.

Several songs have received airplay on regional independent and Internet radio stations, and the Pittsburgh Pirates used “Are You Ready” on its pregame baseball coverage as part of a “Friday Night Rocks” campaign.

But fans of the band know, as good as the records are, the group is better live.

The Vindys — Jackie Popovec, lead vocals and guitar; John Anthony, guitar; Rick Deak, guitar; Ed Davis, drums; and Scott Boyer, bass — will perform Saturday with its expanded “family band” at Westside Bowl in Youngstown, and the show will be recorded for a live album and DVD.

“We always want to make the Youngstown shows special for our fans,” Popovec said. “Being a hometown show, what better way than to do a live recording and video? … We’re always getting comments from fans that we’d love to have a live recording, something we can buy.”

The performance will be recorded by Forty Two Event Productions.

“They’re using a modern board that will just record each track right into Pro Tools,” Deak said. “For the video, we’re definitely paying special attention to the lighting, using additional up lighting since it’s going to be recorded. The Packard (Music Hall) show (in 2018) was recorded on video, and watching it back, we wished we had some up lighting, some things to make it look a little more polished.”

There’s no timetable for the live release, but Popovec said she’d to have it out by early 2020 on CD and DVD, and would love to follow up with a vinyl release for Record Store Day in April.

“I don’t know if we know how the process is going to go,” Popovec said. “It could be as easy as recording it and putting it out there, or we could find ourselves in the studio a little bit. It depends on that.”

The band also is putting the finishing touches on an EP that should be finished around the same time.

Popovec said the band has been playing the new songs live for several months, and they will be a part of Saturday’s set as well as the premiere of a new cover song with a local connection. However, if the live release is ready before the EP, they may leave those songs off of the live album so the studio recordings can be the first official release of those songs.

While this will be the band’s first hometown gig in a few months, The Vindys has been busy playing shows in the region with such rock favorites as Michael Stanley and the Resonators, Donnie Iris and the Cruisers and The Clarks. Those gigs have helped the band reach a new audience.

Deak said a couple from Louisville, Ky., came to see the band last weekend in Columbus with the Clarks after first seeing them open for Michael Stanley in Lorain.

“The fans that have followed these bands for so many years are super fans,” Popovec said. “They love music, man. They just love music. Honestly, it’s an honor if these fans think we’re at that level that they can starts following us now too.”

The band is starting to see an impact in the size of the crowds for its Pittsburgh-area shows after being featured on the Pirates broadcasts, and the crowds in Cleveland really have grown in the last year. After twice selling out the smaller room at the Music Box Supper Club on the West Bank of the Flats, the band will headline the larger concert hall on Nov. 1. The band also has a headlining date Oct. 26 at The Loft at City Winery in Philadelphia.

“City Winery is one of those venues where we really want to do well,” Deak said. “They have a good network of club in Nashville, Boston, Philly, Chicago.”


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