Let’s ‘Come Together’ and talk about The Beatles

I love ’em. You love ’em, we all love ’em. It’s almost un-American not to love them despite the obviousness that they are not.

I speak of the (arguably) most popular rock group of all time, The Beatles. So, when I happened upon an article titled “The 10 Most Annoying Beatles Songs of All Time,” I had to check it out. Here’s how they shook out, according to msn.com.

10. “Love Me Do”

It is known for being The Beatles’ first charting song. However, there’s just something about it that grates on the nerves. It’s possibly the harmonica and the repetitive lyrics. The song doesn’t have much substance, but it has a catchy melody, which is likely the only thing that helped it get on the charts. It was a reasonable effort from the band, but I’d rather listen to other songs in The Beatles’ catalog.

9. “I Saw Her Standing There”

It has the same problem as “Love Me Do.” It just lacks intrigue. The lyrics are basic, and the background guitar riff is annoying. It’s a good old-fashioned rock tune, but I’d prefer to listen to “I Want to Hold Your Hand” or “All My Loving” instead.

8. “Yellow Submarine”

It is usually on lists of most-hated Beatles songs. And rightly so! Over the years, it gained a reputation as a children’s song. It’s played at every children’s party, and someone always tries to sing it at a karaoke bar just to be funny. Everyone knows “Yellow Submarine,” but does anyone actually like it? I have to admit that yours truly does not.

7. “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite”

We know that the purpose of the fairground sounds in “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!” is to surround the listener in the song’s story. However, they are annoying, to say the least. They’re chaotic and swirl together. They make one feel as if they’ve been on a carnival ride too long and are about to puke. Count me out on this one.

6. “I’m a Loser”

It is annoying because of its subject matter. The speaker is a little whiny, and no one likes self-deprecation. Also, the way John Lennon sings “I’m a loser” is just kind of maddening. The music doesn’t make up for the irritating story, either. Overall, this song is rather forgettable, I feel.

5. “Help!”

John was talking about his real-life struggles in “Help!” but that doesn’t mean the song isn’t irksome. The melody and the repetitiveness of “Help!” tend to grate on one’s nerves. I liked when John talked about his life in songs like “In My Life” but “Help!” comes across as kind of whiny.

4. “Drive My Car”

Something about it makes it one of the absolutely most annoying Beatles songs. It could very well be the “beep-beep, beep-beep, yeah.” That’s always irritating. The rest of the song isn’t that great, either. The lyrics tell a story, but there isn’t much point in it.

3. “I’m Only Sleeping”

John liked to write some of the dreariest Beatles songs. “I’m Only Sleeping” is at the top of that list, making it kind of irksome. There doesn’t seem to be much point in the song. It has some of The Beatles’ first backward loops, but even they are pretty annoying and pointless.

2. “Good Morning Good Morning”

The rooster at the beginning follows the “morning” theme, but it’s annoying. So is the brass section immediately after and repeating “good morning.” This song feels like filler and is, therefore, pointless. It’s a song you want to wake someone up with just annoy them.

1. “Hey Jude”

It is mostly annoying because of how overplayed it is. Every Beatles playlist has the tune, but again, does anyone truly like it? The lyrics are lovely, but their greatness has been washed away with how many times it has been played. The ending chant also gets irksome very quickly. It’s one of those songs you tend to switch off toward the end!

Remember, even if you love The Beatles like I do, you have the right to not love every song they ever released. It’s not treason. Even the Fab Four had duds, y’all!

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