Finding love on a reality show kooky concept

I don’t watch reality television love shows.

I don’t particularly like the message that, to get a rose from a man, women should (metaphorically) claw each other’s eyes out.

Call me kooky.

But, for some reason, millions of viewers all over the world tune in to see a catfight with stunning regularity.

Intrigued by that fact, I took the time to read a usanetwork.com article titled, “What Are The Best Reality TV Shows To Go On To Find Love?”

Apparently, if you want to find your perfect partner on TV for all the world to see, one of these shows is your best bet.

l “Temptation Island”: The show drops couples onto an idyllic tropical island and provides them a chance to meet someone new.


According to USA Network’s website, couples go to the island then they are separated for a few weeks. This leaves them to live in a beautiful island villa with a slew of single suitors to see if they’ll ultimately decide to stay with the person they came with, head home single or leave with someone else.

This makes me a bit queasy every time I think about it.

While some couples break up, others find a different someone special. At the end of the day; the theory is that weeding out false love is just as important as finding true love. I suppose that’s logical.

l “Love Island”: Some people find love through a meet-cute, others find it through a picturesque island paradise. Then, of course, some find it at a party house with a dozen other sexy singles all vying for attention and companionship to keep the good vibes going week to week.

The Peacock original series sees several singles enter a villa together where they have to pair up through attraction and chemistry. The rest of the show has that attraction put through obstacles as they see whether their connection is as deep as it seems or only skims the surface.

Can other islanders tempt them away from their mate? Will the partying lead to some bad decisions? Were people just faking it to stay in paradise? All these questions and more get answered each season.

l “The Bachelor”: The OG reality TV love story has now blossomed into a massive franchise that includes “The Bachelor,” “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise.” If I’m not mistaken there’s even a “Golden Bachelor” option for the over-50 set.

The premise is pretty simple: One person is introduced to a slew of other singles of the opposite gender. They spend weeks going on various group dates as well as one-on-ones as the crop of people slowly dwindles to just a few.

For those who leave empty-handed, “Bachelor Nation” offers a lot of chances for them to try again, mostly by way of “Bachelor in Paradise,” which sees people who didn’t make the cut in their various seasons return for another chance.

l “Love Is Blind”: To prove that looks aren’t everything, this Netflix original series turns the average reality TV love show into a massive social experiment.

Fifteen men and 15 women are chosen to participate and they start by getting to know each other through a sort of speed-dating format. The catch is they’re only able to speak with each other. The only way they’re able to lay eyes on each other is after one proposes marriage to the other.

I’m going to leave the ridiculousness right there.

Man. And everyone wonders why I watch the Food Network.

Kimerer is a columnist who likes cooking shows (sorry to all “love reality” show lovers). Contact her at pkimerer@



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