Everything was much better in the 1980s

I was watching an episode of this summer’s first set of the final installment of “Stranger Things” when it happened.

Wait, what?

Do not even tell me y’all still haven’t watched Netflix’s breakout hit, number one program, highest-rated series — and quite possibly, maybe even one of the best television shows of all time?


OK, “Bridegerton,” “The Crown,” “Squid Game,” “The Haunting of Hill House” and “Ozark” fans, calm down. I realize those latter three are really, really strong contenders, too.

P.S. I, too, am completely obsessed with them myself, if I’m being honest — and I am.


As I was saying, I was glued to the telly, thanks to my arguably all-time favorite series, when it happened.

I began to take careful note of the clothes, cars, music, snacks, sodas, and ­– OK, fine, pretty much every component of the whole dang show, are you happy now?


Anyway, before I knew it, I had said to Kyle, “Oh my gosh, I had that exact same top — and jeans — and cassette tape (and / or fill-in-the-blank here) in 1986!”

Only, apparently, I had already voiced such — repeatedly and not just about the garments, which included leg warmers and slap bracelets.


My constant commentary had placed me firmly on my son’s last nerve so I started to zip it.

Which is when it hit me that time itself has zipped — OK more like, catapulted — since I was the age of the actors portraying the main characters.

It forced me to ponder just how much has changed since old PK (then PM) was a senior in high school.

Particularly, I was thinking about how much more expensive things are today than they were back then.

And frankly, President Biden, you just keep making things worse all the flipping time, so, thank you very much for that.

Er, sorry folks. Just my humble opinion.

Moving on.

Back to the escalating cost of, um, well, pretty much everything these days.

They spurred me to do a price check on some distinctive and, some might even term, classic ’80s items. Here’s a bit of what I unearthed via eBay while researching:

・ While not every vintage Furby is valuable today, the Kid Cuisine, Hi-C, and Angel special editions are worth $300, $150, and $90 respectively. One even sold for $900 recently.

・ Lego sets have been popular for decades, but some from the ’90s are actually worth hundreds of dollars.

・ A vintage Trade Federation MTT set from “Star Wars: Episode One” recently sold for $200.

Toy costs aside, I really do miss the 1980s. We had the best music, the best clothing, even the best cereal. S’mores Crunch, Powdered Donuts, Nerds, Apple Jacks, and Marshmallow Krispies. Come on, what’s today’s best cereal — Reese’s Puffs Cluster Crunch?


Hey, there wouldn’t even be Polly Pockets if not for their ’80s arrival.

OK, I’m biased but all I know is, the ’80s ruled, dude!

Kimerer is a columnist and child of the 80s who really needs to give up her shoulder-pad blouse sometime soon.


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