Living a little more ‘Golden Girls’ than ‘Sex in the City’

My Sentiments Exactly

Don’t look now but COVID-19 has prompted yet another unforeseen onslaught: the constant rerunning of certain classic television sitcoms. I mean, they’ve trotted out some treasures that are trending higher than Trump’s Twitter, a’ight?

I’m not clear on who decided which shows would be resuscitated for nonstop looping … or why or how. But I know “Friends,” “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “Frazier,” “Mom,” “The George Lopez Show” and “King of Queens” all made the cut. I dig the first five. Sorry, Kevin.

Over on the Food Network, Guy Fieri shows air literally every moment in some time zone across the globe. Seriously. Look, I love the man but come on, already? I digress.

The elimination process for rerunning only select shows is as mystifying as how we expect 5-year-olds to wear masks all day when there’s not even the slightest chance it will result in a pillow case full of Halloween candy? I’m just sayin’.

Back to the telly.

For yet some other inexplicable reason, I continue to re-watch both “Golden Girls” (GG) and “Sex and the City” (SATC) incessantly.

Hey, I have to do something now that Hallmark Channel is on Christmas break and while I await new episodes of “Better Call Saul,” “Ozark,” “You,” “The Haunting of Hill House” and “Stranger Things,” OK? Yeah, fine, so I’m Netflix Girl. Either way.

It occurs to me that, while it’s not apparent outright, the ladies from both GG and SATC have a lot in common. Hear me out.

First of all, each show focuses on four strong, independent women. In fact, even though SATC’s gals are singles in NYC and GG are seniors living in a retirement village in Miami, I feel there are many parallels.

Look closer at GG’s OG, Sophia: a smart, no-holds-barred, tell-it-like-it-is, yet lovable loudmouth. If she was a red-headed lawyer, she very well could be SATC’s Miranda. They say what everyone else is thinking but don’t have the chutzpah to verbalize.

Then there’s GG’s sweet, traditional Rose, a woman who seems daffy on the surface but has a heart of pure gold and serves as the group’s moral compass. Rose’s deepest desire is a clean, happy home … and, you know, world peace. Um, hello? SATC’s Charlotte, anyone?

This brings us to Blanche. Hilarious, perfectly put-together, well-coiffed Blanche who’s healthy self-image lends itself perfectly to her life mission: having a good time with the fellas. Let’s face it, she’s pretty much the geriatric version of SATC’s “I’m fabulous” bad girl Samantha. Even Rose and Charlotte could have called that one.

Finally, there’s the “everybody’s best friend” character. This is the go-to gal. She solves everyone’s problems all the time but can’t quite figure out her own happy ending with the man of her dreams — until the series finale, that is. She is the glue holding the whole operation together.

On GG, her name is Dorothy, while SATC-watchers know her as Carrie.

These eight wonder women seem to share the same basic life lessons:

* Believe in yourself and you got this;

* Sisters over misters;

* Just because all around you is chaos doesn’t mean your bag and shoes shouldn’t match;

* There’s nothing in life you can’t get through without true friends and a big slice of cheesecake;

* Life’s short; laugh and love in excess … and pray.

OK, that last one is a little more GG than SATC. But then again, so am I. Happy sitcomin’, y’all!

• Kimerer is a columnist / blogger who needs someone to hide her remote. Check out her musings at www.patriciakimerer.com.


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