Time to put the to-do list aside and honor the season

And now, as always, the annual obligatory homage to “A Visit from St. Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore — as told by jolly ol’ PK.

‘Twas three nights before Christmas

When all through the casa

I was losing my grip

Like a falling Mufasa.

The wedding soup was


As were the lasagnas.

But the still-unwrapped presents

Were like circling piranhas.

And then there was also

The thought of biscotti

That I had yet to make;

Man, I needed a hot toddy!

For the pressure of all

That remained on my plate

Was causing my head

And my stomach to ache.

To be honest,

I was still pretty angry at me

For sending out e-cards

Versus real ones, you see.

Somehow this year Christmas

Had clearly arrived

So fast; it was literally

Causing me hives!

Every year it gets harder

To get everything done

Perhaps it’s because

I am no longer young?

Or maybe the sadness

Of all the bad news

From cruelty to corruption

Was the cause of my blues?

In fact, long before

I had put up my tree,

I stopped watching newscasts

On any TV.

Instead I have chosen

The sweet Hallmark channel

Over screaming politicians

And agenda-filled panels.

With the nation upended

By all the contention

I have consciously avoided

Much related dissension.

Because everyday life

Can be a challenge to bear

Without borrowing trouble,

Sadness, grief or despair.

Which brings me right back

To the absolute reason

For forcing myself

To remember this season.

Because it’s about

How one sweet baby boy

Was born for redemption

To restore all the joy

That the world had been missing

For eons before…

Hence, his Dad sent him


To reopen the door

Of forgiveness, salvation

And joy for all men.

So that He, we and all

Could be pals once again.

As this Wednesday approaches

Just breathe deep, in and


And reflect on what

CHRIST-mas is truly about.

And so, as I bake,

Wrap and finish “to-dos”

I am sending the

Merriest of Christmases to you!

Kimerer is one of Santa’s most dawdling helpers. But she makes a mean lasagna! Check out her blog www.patricia kimerer.com


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