OSU Extension offers variety of workshops

Time to get inspired for the beauty of spring and summer in your landscape!

To help get your wheels turning for the excitement, OSU Extension’s Master Gardener will host two distinct Saturday workshops, April 20 and April 27, each from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.

These workshops provide new learning opportunities for all, ranging from new gardeners to long-timers with a keen interest in learning and improving.

Besides knowledgeable keynote speakers, the workshops include a choice of make-and-take projects, question and answer periods, handouts, choice of extension grounds teaching walkabouts and access to OSU educators and MGVs so bring your questions and be prepared to get excited about the 2024 gardening season.

There will be a delicious hot buffet lunch and great refreshments all day that ensure you will be well-fed and entertained.

Finally, before you leave, door prizes will be awarded to lucky participants including plants, garden treasures and coupons including the complete cost to attend several other valuable future events.

Both workshops commence promptly at 9 a.m. at the OSU Extension Office at 490 S. Broad St in Canfield.

. The office is across the street from the Canfield Fairgrounds. Reservations are limited and participants choose between optional sessions at the time of reservations. Please make your reservation early for your best choice.

Our April 20 morning keynote speaker will be Paul Snyder, operations manager — Secrest Arboretum Wooster, Ohio, and part of the Buckeye Environmental Horticulture Team. His topic will address “Pruning Your Plants Properly,” uncovering the art and science behind pruning woody plants.

The April 20 afternoon keynote speaker will be Lee Beers, assistant professor and extension educator in Trumbull County. His topic will address “Integrated Pest Management,” introducing best garden practices to reduce pest pressure, reducing reliance on pesticides and grow healthier plants.

Our April 27 morning keynote speaker will be Eric Barrett, OSU Extension educator in Mahoning County. Eric will address “New and Exciting Annuals & Perennials,” plants that will look great throughout the season and add color to your landscape.

The April 27 afternoon keynote speaker will be Laura Deeter, horticultural science and landscape horticultural professor at the Agriculture Technical Institute at Ohio State University. Laura’s topic, Continuous Color without Continual Hassle, will help you learn how to think about color, create combinations and ensure your garden has color nearly year-round.

For more information on speakers, topics and details about the spring garden workshops visit:



Come hungry for garden knowledge, a good hot lunch, refreshments and a good time with like-minded garden lovers. The Master Gardener Volunteers are looking forward to sharing know-how, fun and fellowship.

Merva is an Ohio State University Extension Master Gardener Volunteer in Mahoning County.


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