Cultivate these garden trends for 2021

Our lives have changed. For many, a new realization of just what is important.

For me, that has been an even stronger connection with nature. I know people who never gardened before gave it a try. Some met with great success, others not so much. But sales of seeds, garden supplies are booming again this year.

So, what’s new for 2021?

1. Gardening. Period. Newbies are interested in growing their own vegetables, in adding easy-to-grow flowers for mood-boosting bouquets or a brighter garden. They want to learn about soil, fertilizers and diseases.

2. Sustainably. There is a newfound interest in water conservation, making your own compost, planting natives, organic methods, planting trees and applying mulch.

3. Pollinators and the plants they need. This is near and dear to my heart. People want to learn more about planting to attract pollinators.

4. Outdoor rooms. Many people are looking to expand their deck or patio into outdoor areas that provide a garden getaway. Interest in zen gardening, the sound of water, pergolas, shade sails, etc. Tranquil spaces are in demand.

5. Growing in nontraditional spaces, mixing vegetables and flowers in the same container. People seem to want to be creative.

6. Creative containers. If you have visited a garden center lately you have encountered all kinds of interesting containers.

7. Monochromatic garden is hot now. Pick a color and stick to it. Make a statement with a moon garden and white furniture, or bright colors like yellow.

8. House plants are huge now. Inside jungles are popular; the use of topicals are very trendy.

9. Learning and buying online. With so much info out there, it is important to get science-backed information.

For factsheets and information on all kinds of gardening, go to ohioline.osu.edu.

McKinley is an Ohio State University Mahoning County Extension Master Gardener volunteer.


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