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Weekly columns from Vindicator politics writer David Skolnick

Bar is exceedingly low for filing petitions to run as independent

Opinion: Independent candidates seeking Youngstown City Council seats have done poorly in general elections

Ryan fared well on CNN, but his presidential bid hasn’t caught fire

Opinion: U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan had an hour-long national forum – minus commercial breaks – to plead his case to

Presidential candidate Ryan has chance to strut his stuff Sunday

Opinion: U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan gets a huge moment for his presidential campaign Sunday with a town hall on CNN.

Election for Youngstown judge is steeped in political intrigue

Opinion: Youngstown voters will have an interesting choice to make in November regarding the municipal court

Despite dire warnings, passage of sales tax renewal was a given

Opinion: Don’t be fooled by the concerns expressed by Mahoning County officials before last week’s election

Democratic Party Chairman Betras has left his mark locally, statewide

Opinion: Love him or hate him – and there are plenty of people on both sides – Mahoning County Democratic

Mahoning Valley Republicans reveling in Trump’s popularity

Opinion: Those who think President Donald Trump’s popularity in the Mahoning Valley is waning because of the

Y’town municipal court hopefuls show deep dislike for each other

Opinion: Judicial races, particularly for lower courts, are usually boring. The candidates usually stick to

Presidential candidate Ryan faces a gigantic fundraising challenge

Opinion: U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan’s presidential campaign isn’t revealing how much money it has raised since the

Midwest will again loom large in the 2020 presidential contest

Opinion: You and I can probably predict the winner of the presidential race in about 40 states and we’re a

Youngstown Mayor Brown ducks city’s financial troubles in speech

Opinion: It didn’t come as a shock that Youngstown Mayor Jamael Tito Brown didn’t really discuss the city’s

Local Dem Party Chair Betras steps up assault on state party

Opinion: Members of the Mahoning County Democratic Party got together a couple of weeks ago to endorse

Trump continues his attack on the UAW during his Ohio visit

Opinion: President Donald Trump again criticized the United Auto Workers union regarding the idling of the

Governor taking a wait-and-see stance on the ‘Youngstown Plan’

Opinion: With several school districts facing a possible state takeover in the next two years, House Bill 70,

DeWine criticized for ignoring GM Lordstown in key address

Opinion: Gov. Mike DeWine took somewhat of a beating from the Mahoning Valley delegation to the General