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Greatest Golfer 2019 – Junior Registration

Pine Lakes U17June 11, 2019 - Tuesday11:00 a.m.
Pine Lakes U14 June 11, 2019 - Tuesday11:00 a.m.
Reserve Run U17June 20, 2019 - Thursday9:00 a.m.
Reserve Run U14June 20, 2019 - Thursday9:00 a.m.
Mill North U17June 25, 2019 - Tuesday8:00 a.m.
Mill North U14June 25, 2019 - Tuesday8:00 a.m.
Salem Hills U14July 9, 2019 - Tuesday11:00 a.m.
Salem Hills U17July 9, 2019 - Tuesday11:00 a.m.
Tam O'Shanter U17July 11, 2019 - Thursday9:00 a.m.
Tam O'Shanter U14July 11, 2019 - Thursday9:00 a.m.
Avalon U17July 16, 2019 - Tuesday12:00 p.m.
Avalon U14July 16, 2019 - Tuesday12:00 p.m.
Championships Day 2 (U17)July 19, 2019 - Friday1:00 p.m.
Championships Day 1 (U14-U17)July 20, 2019 - Saturday12:00 p.m.

**The 2019 Juniors tournament has ended. Check out the juniors page for all of this year's results.

* First Name:
* Last Name:
* Age:

* Division:
* Home Golf Course:
* Address:
* City:
* State:
* ZIP:
* Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Work Phone:
* Guardian Email:
I verify that I am a legal guardian for this golfer, that he/she has my permission to compete in the 2019 Greatest Golfer Junior Tournament, and that he/she meets tournament eligibility requirements.


Please note: Day 1 includes both U14 & U17. Day 2 is for U17 only.

**Only juniors who placed in a qualifying round are eligible to compete in the Junior Finals.
If the match you wish to register for is not listed, please contact Todd Franko (tfranko@vindy.com) to see if spots are still available.

2019 Junior Greatest Golfer Eligibility Requirements and General Rules of Play

  • Upper: Ages 15,16,17
    Lower: Ages 12,13,14
    • Regardless of the qualifier date, you compete in division that reflects your age as of the Championship Finals (July 19 & 20, 2018) .
    • If you are 18 before the Finals tee time, you are ineligible unless you will still be in high school for the upcoming year.
    • No playing up into Upper bracket unless you are a past “Greatest” champ.
  • REGISTRATION: All registration is through the Juniors form. Guaranteed entry closes two(2) days prior to tee off. Entry into any event after that date must be handled via email to vindygreatest@vindy.com and is subject to availability. Golfers may participate in multiple qualifying matches but may only qualify once.
  • ADVANCEMENT: Twelve players from each division (Girls 15-17 & 12-14 and Boys 15-17 & 12-14) will advance to the Greatest Golfer of the Valley Junior championship. Final field size subject to circumstance.
  • Players advance the following way:
    • Win one of the 6 qualifiers that will take place from May-July.
    • Be in the top 6 point-getters when the qualifiers are complete.
  • Players can earn Greatest points by performance at each qualifier as spelled out here:
    • 2nd best score(s) — 5 points
    • 3rd best score(s) — 4 points
    • 4th best score(s) — 3 points
    • 5th best score(s) — 2 points
  • One point will be assigned to all entrants not in the top 5 but who completed the qualifier. Points advancers are players chosen from the Greatest field, excluding the qualifier winners who have already advanced. Ties in qualifiers earn the points as assigned above. (Example: If 3 players tie for 2nd best score, they all earn 5 points). Tie-breakers for entry into field of 12 will be average score for series events.
  • The Championship is set to be a 36-hole cumulative score for the u17 divisions. The u14 is set to be an 18-hole event.
  • Weather issues affecting play are on a per-event situation. Rescheduling will happen whenever possible; we reserve the right to shorten any event based on conditions and field status.
  • You must follow the Greatest page on vindy.com/golf for latest event info. Tee times will be posted there and at course 24 hours before event. Tee times will also appear in The Vindicator Sports Section day-of or day-before. All aspects of the event are subject to changes. We will aim to get all final changes onto vindy.com/golf. We will attempt at times to contact the field by email when possible. You should register an email account when you sign up.
    • Range finders permitted, but cannot detect elevation.
    • We reserve right to assign rules and standards to enhance speed of play that is to the benefit of the field.
    • Pull carts optional, but no caddies except for finals.
    • Spectators allowed but cannot advise except in finding lost balls. Cart-rental access for spectators is a course-only decision. Spectators desiring carts should call the course ahead of time.
    • For tie-breakers, where possible, we will send the players back out onto course; holes determined by course. If not, then it is by scorecard using standard of back 9, back 6, then back 3. Next breaker is by toughest handicap.
    • Each event’s competition committee consists of course management, the Greatest operations team, and the Greatest competition committee.
    • Each course has local play rules that will be discussed at first tee.
If you have any questions how we will use your information or about the tournament, please see our privacy policy, or contact us. Thank you for your interest in the 2019 Greatest Golfer Junior Tournament.