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I’m ‘Walking Dead’ ready for Friday; meet me at the jail

I’m ‘Walking Dead’ ready for Friday; meet me at the jail

My apologies to Poland ...

In Poland, we have had a closed library for three weeks as it is rife with stench they only now just found after $29,000. Today, two of our schools is closed due to a water ...

VIDEO | Behind Vindy scenes on elex night

Of any media group in the Valley, the most journalists anywhere were working at The Vindy Tuesday night reporting on the election.

Twitter | Mobile | Webcast - Vindy is source for elex news

Mind you that you'll see Tweets, Facebook pages and TV commercials that will make you think there's a better place for election coverage. But there's not. There's just The Vindicator. It's all you'll need, and ...

St. E's and Katy Perry team up for Pink Glove Dance

Hats off to the folks at St. E's

Ed O'Neill celebrated on "Modern Fam" opening night

Youngstowner Ed O'Neill launched Season 4 of "Modern Family" Wednesday, and watching Twitter along with the program shows he's as popular as ever.

Blitzmobile hits the road this weekend

We get to about 5 games per season, and this seasons starts this week with Friday night's Boardman vs. Fitch match, then Saturday's YSU vs. Northern Iowa game.

We'd like to show you Bob Dylan, but ...

Dylan played a show in town Tuesday night.

July 4th from the front lines

Yo! is never far from Bob Barko's mind, and he sent this video from the front line last night — just to say hi.

Quick summer driving tune tips

I define a great road tune as having some or all of these pieces: Must make fingers tap the steering wheel. Has to have a catchy chorus that’s screamable. Has drum or guitar riff that ...