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4 Father's Day songs ...

Here are some tunes I like to mark the day. Do you know any? Please message below, or tweet at @tfranko.

Does Mahoning River have chance to be a draw? Ponder this story:

But Friends of Mahoning River have turned the page on that history.

The effects of a heroin OD

If you’re to equip yourself with a needle, you have delusional hopes that the product in the needle will deliver you to a “great place.” Amid that flawed outlook, at least equip yourself with the ...

A special spring break trip

The most rewarding Spring Break ever? Quite possibly.

'Astro(not)' Friday at LGrove ... or click here

Struthers native Doug Helmick will have a homecoming of sorts Friday to showcase his new film "Astro(not)."

Of the many great reads on the Steubenville case, here's one ...

The Steubenville rape case will sting for awhile, and it should.

Grateful to be greener - the blog

This is a special St. Patrick's Day for me — less than a year after visiting my ancestral Ireland homeland last summer.

'It's downtown, anything can happen'

But the effort fell clearly short given the new investment in downtown and impact of a project of this size. This project is not just painting new crosswalk lines.

A staffer makes a leap

Hometown kid likes the profession ... goes to college .. interns at hometown paper ... graduates and goes to work at hometown paper.

Vindy is Bowl-bound

We're excited for it, too, and we'll be sending reporter Joe Scalzo down to New Orleans this week.