The grind of election season at Vindy


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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


If Election 2016's yard signs and TV commercials and non-stop CNN coverage have you gasping, it's no easier on this side of all that media. This period of the year becomes all-consuming. And in presidential and governor election years, it's heightened for us. In general, it's fun. But a labored fun. The politics page is the place you want to go to on Go to: Some things to watch for: • We have a county-by-county breakdown of ALL offices and issues. If they or it are on a ballot, you can see it on now. • If we have written a story or an opinion piece on any candidate or issue, you will find our work attached to each item. This is the best way to go to school on a person or an issue. • Each candidate who is running for office has a chance to submit a profile. That profile is linked on this page, too. • We've logged a lot of miles and taken a bunch pix and videos. That entire archive can be found there, too. • And we like to do weird things. With our digital technology, we'll produce a live election show with our top political guys — David Skolnick, Mark Sweetwood and Bertram DeSouza — showcasing 5 political ads or clips and critiquing them. They're a sarcastic, pointed bunch. SO who knows what they will say. • And lastly — live on election night Nov. 8, watch for to showcase live election chatter as numbers and reactions happen. Our team will be live with video and audio on — so you can watch or listen to the best local election coverage.

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