My apologies to Poland ...


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by Todd Franko (Contact)   | 340 entries"> Untitled document

In Poland, we have had a closed library for three weeks as it is rife with stench they only now just found after $29,000.

Today, two of our schools is closed due to a water main break.

It is my fault, and I apologize.

A month ago, another friggin' stoplight was installed. It was put in on US 224 in an area of Poland which is already essentially a rolling stoplight due to the notorious patrols of the 25 mph speed limit.

I was not happy, and went Biblical on Poland, praying for a type of Plagues of Egypt.

I was hoping for locusts; maybe some flies or boils.

But I was not intending stinky libraries and closed schools.

Again, I apologize.


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