Someone find a job for ex-Home Depot guy


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There'll be a story in Saturday's Vindy that you'll want to read.

Last week, we reported about Boardman police being upset that Home Depot let a shoplifter go despite the police catching him due to an employee who called it in — which is against company policy.

Well -- guess what happened to the employee? See Ashley Luthern's story Saturday.

I can understand Home Depot's policy in that, if the shoplifter turns and opens fire to evade capture for a $25 stolen hammer, our crowd react would be -- "What the hell were they stopping him for -- for a $25 hammer? They can afford that."

That's for sure what we would have said. You know who you are. Just about all of us.

But that it happened and that no one was hurt, it's difficult to accept that a guy is now out of a job.

Anyone need an honest worker with management experience?

Read Saturday's Vindy to get more informed.


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