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So below is my frantic keeping up with every Super Bowl commercial (except the NBC promo ones) live as it came on the air Sunday night, and ranking and commenting a bit.

I took a quick survey online on Monday morning and found my conclusion in one area was not unique — the Budweiser commercials were a waste of money, space and digital oxygen.

This Bud commercial arrived in my email today, and my only thought is: Why did they not do this on Super Sunday. Even change the sport to football. The concept still would have ranked right up there with Clint Eastwood's "Second Half."

Anyway, if you ever had that rec league moment where you were a star in front of no one, check out this Bud commercial:

The commercial:

The making of the commercial:



I'm watching the Super Bowl, but mainly for the commercials.

Here’s my quickly-written critiques. What are your critiques?

Go to the end for the Best and Worst titles and the complete You Tube link to all spots.


• Swamp People — I just watched it Sunday. I was wanting to see Gold Rush boys make commercial appearance.
• Impromptu commercial — Giants tight end Ballard shows on sideline how to tear your other CL while trying to show your other one is not as torn as you think.
• Career Builder — Who ordered 46 banana daiquiris? That was funny bit.
• Hyundai — CPR by car. Classic.
• Bud Light — Talk about coming alive in the second half. Bud fights back. A rescue dog that can get beers. Find me that one please! And a nice little toss to the great rescue dog organization at the end.
• HONDA CR-V — Ferris is back. Great remake commercial.
• Toyota — A nice DMV? No way ...
• Fiat — Awesome ... Start to finish. Still won’t buy the car — ever. But great commercial. But stop borrowing my Modern Family fantasy mom. Next commercial that steals Sophia gets “worst” tag.
• Chrysler — Clint Eastwood!!!! ... Ding, ding ding .... Winner! ... Take all other ads off the air.
Dodge knew how to do it right last year with Eminem. Unbelievable encore commercial. Inspired me to even like Dave Betras.

Pretty good/Thanks for p(l)aying
• Cadillac — It’s classic American.
• SAMSUNG — Phone bit goes hard after iPhone/Apple’s iTunes pop culture supremacy. Pretty good spot.
• KIA — Motley Crue and Chuck Liddel rock it for KIA. Not bad.
• Act of Valor — Might be my first live theater film in years.
• MetLife — Borrowing all my Hanna-Barbera catroon favorites was (kinda) tear-jerking.
• Bud Light — Finally a decent Bud Commercial — whatever it was. At least no cold blue scenery.
• Dannon — A Greek Stamos touting Greek yogurt. Not bad. Ouch ... A head butt.
• Century 21 — Sanders, Trump, Ohno ... A good bit
• Acura — Great, great with Seinfeld. But then Jay sinks it.
• GE — We like you, but kind of like.
• Camry — Touching car stories. About spit when they said “Joey lost his ...” Oh thank god it was his tooth.
Not so good:
• Go Daddy — Still way over Danica. Since Modern Family.
• Coca-Cola — Still sinking with Bud Light.
• Pepsi — Eh, OK. ... Welcome back, Regis.
• Huluplus — Whatever
• Bud Light, LMFAO — Better, but still lame.  
• Jay and Madonna — Bad ...
• The Voice — Oh please ... But thank god for Betty White


The Madonna commercial — And she disintegrated just like those people in the Audi commercial!!!!


• Doritos — Granny is savvy.
• E-Trade — That baby could read my obit and I’d love the commercial.
• The Avengers— Stark, Captain, it’s time .. The Avengers.
• Teleflora — Stop stealing from my Modern Family love, Sophia Vergara.
• Doritos — The dog pays off the dad for not disclosing the dead cat. Funny.
• Camaro — “The Graduate” celebration was funny. Again — great closing line.
• Bridgestone — New football commercial. The white guy high-stepping for Deion Sanders was great.
• Audi “Twilight” commercial was great. The surprise ending with everyone dying was nice twist.
• Elton John’s Pepsi — was good. Flavor Flav at the end was funny. And costuming budget was eased by Elton pulling that outfit right out of his personal wardrobe.
• Chevy end-of-world commercial was great. “Dave drove a Ford” line could be a keeper. Playing Barry Manilow in the bit was good call.
• M&M’s -- “Oh, it’s that kind of party.”
• Best Buy — showcasing the apps for the smart phones was a great bit, especially the guys from “Words with Friends” being scolded on an airplane.

Pretty good/Thanks for p(l)aying
• GI Joe — Bruce Willis and The Rock. E-Trade kid, read my obit now.
• Skechers — Oh, the underdog is always a winner.
• David Beckham underwear — Jim Palmer in 2012. And Joe Namath in Leggs. David does OK. @ Dave Betras tweet — you will not look better in these.
• Chevy Sonic — Wow, the song is from Fun. — my favorite unheralded band. Inside the car are the guys from another band. Stay tuned for next Sonic commercial.
• The Lorax — “That’s a Woman?” line is a keeper.
• Beetle — The “working out” dog. Had no idea where that was going.
• Beetle — Darth Vader returns. Good bit.
• General Electric — Beer? Who knew? Finally, Bud has a decent commercial — thanks to GE.
• TaxAct.com — If you’re a boy, you appreciate the commercial.
• Lexus — Eh?
• Battleship movie
• Veloster Hyundai Turbo with the chasing cheetah
• Coca Cola’s polar bears..

Not so good:
Cars.com — Um, creepy?
• 3D Star Wars — I didn’t like it when it was in 2D./
• Coca Cola polar bears 2 — Sorry.
• Budweiser – Prohibition is over. Thank you “Boardwalk Empire” theme for trying to help. But Bud is still struggling.
• America’s Got Talent — Howard Stern? Who’s he?
• Go Daddy – I’m tired of Danica.
• Bud Light — Second try at Platinum. Still bad.
• Bud light commercial platinum ... Boring
• Rocky Theme for the Hyundai commercial ... Ehh, just didn’t work for me.
• The Dictator movie commercial was a bit over the top.
• Corproado clothes are kind of sexy. Old Navy goes after guys like me  — only thinner.

Local Spots
• Boardman Coin and Jewelry — Gold is selling.
• Time Warner — Ehh??
• Vernon’s — I like their burgers.
• Richard Ozounian —  For County Commissioner, during the Super Bowl? Dave Betras just said “Where was I on that spot?”
• Chase Bank — Drew Brees always sells
• Thomas Duma — classy
• Allegiant — Still waiting to make my first flight.
• WFMJ/Mike Case — Do we miss you Scott?
Station Square — Great food
• Oz — Twice!!!
• Hospice of the Valley —
• Boardman Coin —

So ....


• Chrysler and Clint Eastwood.
• Honda's Ferris Bueller remake
• Best Buy with the apps creators

• Bud Light needs to find the clydesdales
• Coca-Cola's polar bears were so 1994.
• Hyundai's Rocky theme was lame. Monotony.

• Must give credit to Richard "Oz"
Ozounian. He might not win county commissioner's race. But he won the ad battle with geting on the Super Bowl twice.
(This is not the commercial that aired. But another spot)

This link should take you to You Tube's entire commercial lineup.


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