I’m ‘Walking Dead’ ready for Friday; meet me at the jail


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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries

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I’m not an expert in most things, but I am in some. One is “Walking Dead,” and that’s the perfect expertise as we head to Friday’s end of world.
So with that skill set, I invite you to join me in my post-apocalyptic world.
Meet me Friday at the county jail at 5 a.m. (World ends just after 6 a.m.)
(If you’re not into “Walking Dead,” essentially the world ends and all that left are zombies and a few humans who survived. They spend their lives fighting, slicing an foraging to survive.
Season 1 had them wandering roads only to be overwhelmed by zombies; Season 2 had them in a farmhouse only to be overwhelmed by zombies;
Season 3 finally had them taking over a prison. They have been (almost) perfectly safe.)
With that — I’m headed to the Mahoning County Jail instead of the various other prisons in the region, and here’s why:
-- It’s among the tallest buildings in the city and sits at the bottom of a Valley. The site lines from all the potential attackers — whether from the Northside or from Girard — are phenomenal.
-- Uber-secure 14-foot outer perimeter walls, and the entry way is a dual steel door set-up. Total Schwarzenegger feel.
-- The arsenal is stocked.
-- As soon as the power goes out, generators will automatically kick in.
-- There is a full-service kitchen, medical and technology unit. So you can eat while trying to contact life on Mars — or at City Hall.
-- It has proximity to Youngstown Thermal and its vast pipeline network around downtown. We’ll just need a few small people like in our gang.
-- There are three gyms with basketball courts and volleyball nets. 

And it sleeps 432 people. Since there will be no more county budget, we can open it up to that many people for a change.

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