Target eating drivers, too


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by Todd Franko (Contact)   | 340 entries"> Untitled document

The awareness and concern for distracted driving grows larger each day.

Last weekend, I saw a law firm billboard that screamed: "We sue distracted drivers."

Since this all began years ago with the new kids on the block — cell phones and texting -- I’ve encouraged that more should be done about distracted driving.

Applying makeup? Changing CDs? Passengers? Eating?

Well how about this beauty out of Beaver Township this week:

There was a traffic accident there Tuesday night; a minor one; nobody hurt.

The driver told officers that he smacked into the back of the car in front of him at a stoplight because he was trying to eat off of a plate.

And for dessert ....

The driver also told officers that just 90 minutes earlier, he got stuck in a ditch in Canfield because he was eating while driving.

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