Don't stop at McRib; bring back McDLT


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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries"> Untitled document

McDonald's announced today that the McRib sandwich is coming back.

It launched in 1982 and came off the national market in 1994. There’s apparently a fan club for it, with Facebook pages and such. So congrats to them.

I want the McDLT to come back: “The hot stays hot and the cool stays crisp.”

Actor Jason Alexander touted in a commercial that it could be the greatest hamburger ever. I believed him back then in 1985. Then McD’s moved on to other varieties of the stoic lettuce, tomato and cheese burgers — Big N’ Tasty, Big Xtra, The Boss and others.

Apparently, it was the novel two-compartment packaging that did it in as America discovered granola and green living in the 90s.

But the McDLT always stuck with me. Perhaps it was Jason Alexander dancing in a “Miami Vice” jacket.

Please come back ...

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