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Boardman bosses best over Austintown — in corn toss

The Boardman Township trustees crushed their Austintown counterparts in a cornhole tournament Friday.

Emailers on my Sunday SB5 column

Emailers on my Sunday SB5 column

Don't stop at McRib; bring back McDLT

I want the McDLT to come back: “The hot stays hot and the cool stays crisp.”

Austintown Township workers get $160 bonus for perfect attendance?

The Columbus Dispatch has two exhaustive stories that are must-reads if you're trying to separate fact from fiction in the Issue 2/SB5 debate.

"And the winner of best catered chili is ..."

The Boardman Optimist Club hosted their annual political chili event Wednesday night

How to watch high school football - Brookfield style

Bill Lewis did this fun piece a few weeks ago at a Brookfield High School football game, and I laugh still when I bump into it.