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Wednesday ends 3-day Jeff Christian series

But the story we found last week from a sports magazine out of Canada, SportsNet, was a must-read for anyone who ever dreamt of being a pro athlete and a solid father. Jeff’s long road in professional hockey ended last season, but a tough battle as a dad awaited him as his daughter was stricken with cancer.

Youngstown's trying to be helpful, but ...

I know I'm begging to get slapped for this, but this just jumped out at me today:

If the Mahoning River interests you ...

Despite years of conversation and study and promises of funding and support, the Mahoning River is no closer to clean today than it was 30 years ago when companies stopped dumping pollutants into the waterway.

McGarry: These cars aren't built for big guys like us

The Valley lost a great guy Sunday in Carmen McGarry.

Browns fans: "A factory of sadness"

A Factory of Sadness

Try to remember, the cause for Movember ...

Movember has started, and lawyers from Harrington, Hoppe and Mitchell have jumped on the crusade.