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A neat new commercial on local TV went to great lengths to distinguish local banking at Farmers National Bank, based on "Main Street America" in Canfield, as opposed to banking with the financial giants on Wall Street.
The Farmers commercial, starring CEO John Gulas, starts with him amid the bustling and talking and honking of Wall Street, then closes with him amid the peaceful charm of the Canfield green.
Behind the scenes, it wasn’t Main Street or Wall Street, but Hollywood, that stood out for Gulas.
In the heart of New York City, on a stage and surrounded by video cameras, Gulas said onlookers gawked at him and the team — trying to figure out who they were.
It must be some mega star, right?
“You could tell the tourists from the New Yorkers,” laughed Gulas. The New Yorkers could’ve cared less, he said. The tourists all had cameras out and tried to figure out who he was.
At one point in the spot, conceived by Prodigal Media of Poland, a tourist with a camera can be seen over John’s shoulder eyeing the CEO.
The shot worked out for them also in that the four-hour shoot on Wall Street was on a cold and overcast day. In Canfield, it was bright and sunny.
The other standout point was the stage. To get next to the Wall Street sign, Gulas was on a stage 15 feet or so in the air.
It’s a cool viewing.

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