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by Todd Franko (Contact)   | 340 entries"> Untitled document

We’re in the midst of our Government Watch project at The Vindicator, which includes tracking public salaries and other public expenditures.

At a recent charity golf event, the impact of our Vindy effort came up as conversation within our foursome, two of whom were nonVindy guys. The chat grew from watching government spending to watching government actions. We were all in agreement of our tough, but necessary, role.

Fast forward to the dinner afterward, and we joined some other players at a table. Without exchanging names or workplaces, we sat down and just simply started talking golf — the day's heat, the round, the scores, etc.

Within 10 minutes of idle golf chat, one of the guys handed me his business card. He was a court employee for a Valley court system.

“Hey — if you ever get in trouble with a ticket, let me know.”

I fumbled the card in my fingers a bit. The rest of my group kind of paused and hushed -- sensing the irony. I said “Thank you.”

But I could only wonder ...

If this is the benefit I get after just 10 minutes of empty golf banter, what’s he ding for his neighbors? More concerning — what’s he not doing for his citizenry.

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