Why Dr. Anderson's Friday installation was not on front page


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by Todd Franko (Contact)   | 340 entries

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We received a letter over the weekend from Phyllis Ricchiuti that may be similar in feeling to other readers.
Here’s a bit of her letter:
“A momentous event occurred (Friday) ... the installation of Youngstown State University's Seventh President.  It was a 'first class' event. She is a graduate of YSU and is its first female President!
“Imagine my amazement and disappointment when I opened 'my' paper today to find the headline "Nature's Secret".  Buried on the 3rd page was the article about the installation!  With all due respect to the preserve..what bigger happening occurred yesterday except for the arrest of two thugs and a union conflict...Come on Vindicator..whether you realize it or not...you are a major part of our revitalization, and it doesn't move us forward when you reward negativity!!”
Phyllis is a great community leader, and it’s nice for her to state that we’re part of the revitalization.  
We’re aware of the significance of a new president. The “changing of the guard” process has led our front page three times in six months, including July 1 when Dr. Anderson took over the job and Aug. 17 when her first classes started.
We’re as excited as any institution with the new leadership at YSU, and this year will have many firsts and many protocols for Dr. Anderson.
The news impact of those firsts and protocols, while of immense value and significance to the YSU community, will slide in impact on the overall community. That’s something we have to measure for the front page presentation.
We’ve had Dr. Anderson on the front page for several key moments this year. Sure, last Friday was also important — that is why we gave it coverage.
But we balanced placement of that coverage with consideration of the previous six months of coverage.
(One final note: To the point of negative news, I think we’ve demonstrated time after time that not all front page news is negative news.)

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