“Youngstown Violence” is not a Vindy campaign


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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries

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On our web site — just above me to be exact -- is a section we called “Youngstown Violence.”

It is meant to direct interested readers to all our coverage related to the two recent tragedies — vigils, photos, videos, comments, etc.

At least one reader — which means there are no doubt more of you — are looking at the name of the box as a Vindy campaign of some sorts to promote Youngstown violence. Here’s parts of his letter:


This past weekend,  I was shocked to find that the heading "Youngstown Violence" has been used on the Vindy homepage to categorize stories pertaining to unrelated, isolated incidents that our community is rallying to resolve.

Ironically, listed under the label "Youngstown Violence" is an article title that quotes the mayor proclaiming that "Violence must not define us."

I think the mayor says it best.

Attaching the name of our city to the loaded word "violence" is a blatant, counter-productive misrepresentation of our city's character akin to libel. It goes against our community's clear commitment, as stated in your reports, to not allow such incidents to "define who we are."

How can we ever hope to improve our image when our own hometown paper is subtly working against us?


As shown by 146 comments on one of the stories, and more than 220 on all of our combined stories, there is plenty to read and discuss regarding these events.

Collecting them in a single box was important to facilitate community awareness and dialogue. The title of the box is a straight-forward label that doesn’t aim to sensationalize or sugarcoat.

It won’t be online as a boxed package forever. It will be there for a few more days.

Please, in that time, do not think it’s an attempt to make a campaign out of Youngstown’s tragedies. It’s a reader guide, and that’s it.

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