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Life in the Valley can be pretty aggressive sometimes. And apparently that's the case with golf, too.

 We're into Week 2 of a great golf feature called "18 Greatest Golf Holes of the Valley."
 That implies "the 18 best." Period. All courses in a five-county area.
 This week, we highlighted the prestigious Youngstown Country Club, and look what one guy wrote below (I took a call similar to this; not sure if it's the same guy):
 From Rusty: Don't you think it is a slap in the face for 80% of the Mahoning Co. golfers when you add a country club in the best holes? How many people do you think has played YOUNGSTOWN COUNTRY CLUB? ....I think this choice is a JOKE !!
 and a ploy to covet the Country Club crowds favor.
Even if Rusty is correct, that 20% of the crowd are still loyal Vindy readers, just the same. Why would we ignore them? It is not a crime to be able to afford YCC, same as it's not a crime to enjoy dinner at Springfield Grille, or nice furniture from Sheely's.
 That said, all golfers -- whether in the 80% or the 20% -- enjoy good golf, whether it be at Mill Creek where many choose to play, or at YCC where others choose to play.
 That's my reply. Our "18 Greatest" blogger, Jonah Karzmer, offers a pretty good rebuttal as well. Check it out here.

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