"God, please hear my cry."


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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries

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Lots of baseball stories fill the air this time of year.

And into my email box comes the frequent updates on Luke Holko, the Trumbull County boy nearly killed by a foul ball at a Scrappers game last fall.

Today came another update on the 4-year-old boy:

So God please hear my cry....please keep healing my son...bring him ALL the way back to me and Chad. We tried so hard to have him and he is our miracle....and please give me the strength to handle all thats piling up on me. I have to admit my faith is being tested right now and for the past week...i know i just need to hold on, but it's getting hard ...

(Here's the full entry)

I wrote about Luke awhile back. Here's that column.

My hope was that Scrappers officials could pioneer new fan safety at their games. The report was that they are working on some things.

The start of the season is nearing. I hope there are true changes made.

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