UPDATE 11:00: I have my appliance rebate; who wants my business?


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We need a new fridge at our home.
We went shopping last week, and the helpful sales guy said to hold off a week and wait for this rebate program, which launches today.
We can get $100 off our fridge if we register for this "cash for clunkers" deal for appliances.
Here's our story about it today.
Here's a Plain Dealer story, too.
So I'm on the web site now -- ohioappliancerebate.com -- and running into the same problems that the Plain Dealer is reporting.
My hunch: Thousands of people like me just got to work and are trying to access the page.
Stay tuned.

UPDATE AT 10:02 a.m.
I get into the registration form, then it kicks me off after I complete the form.
This is reminding me of our vindy.com site the nights of the Pavlik fights. We have the best live site going for the fights, and for our first few tries, Pavlik fans crashed our site.
Appliance fans are crashing this site.
We got better at our Pavlik site after a few tries.
I hope for the same here.

UPDATE at 11:00 a.m.
I am the proud owner of a $100 rebate.
It was not easy, and at several points, I about gave up.
But for the service of my company, this blog, and Vindy readers -- I stayed true to my pursuit.
The site kept rejecting me at several points.
At some of those points, a scoreboard popped up to show me how many dollars were left for refrigerator rebates.
About $20,000 had been committed in the time I was rejected. But $2 million was still in the kitty.
Now I have until Monday to buy my appliance.
I am now taking bids from retailers for my business this weekend — only Vindy advertisers need reply ;)

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