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Well, it's Friday and we survived the changeover. But the details are still daunting.

The press is working fine, but has some moans here and there as it becomes a full-time running machine.

Thus, we will still print a bit early each night through the next several days.

But we have a routine set to try to get more of our late sports scores. If some are still missing, please do not think this is part of the "new" paper.

We've also adjusted times Sunday night to ensure all the Oscars news is in Monday's paper.

We have a few other tweaks I'll update on later.

The comments have been overwhelmingly positive. Thanks for the calls and emails. I think we're at about 10 favorable calls for every one critical call.

Thank you.


Our friends at McDonalds restaurants in the Valley are giving away free Vindicators to their customers this morning as part of our first day of the redesigned newspaper.

Each particpating McDonalds in Mahoning and Trumbull counties bought 200 of the new newspapers today and are giving them away to their first customers this morning until they are gone.

Stop by and check out our new offering.

Thanks McDonalds.



Today is change day for us at The Vindy.

All the work being performed today within the company is aimed toward the new Vindicator that hits the streets Wednesday.

Some changes have already been taking place. Our Classifieds section has been on the new press all week. And today, we had to take a one-day break on horoscopes.

For years, we ran the “next day’s horoscope” in each day’s paper. Perhaps that was unknown to many of you — and likely now explains why you were always one day off on your lottery numbers, your best clothes, meeting your new friends, finding your old friends, etc.

With our new newspaper on Wednesday, the day’s news will also include that day’s horoscope.

That’s just one of the many frantic details getting dotted and crossed today as we invoke change. If you have questions, concerns .. and heck, even compliments ... share them on this blog.

I’ll come back here a lot the next couple days to see what you’re saying and keep you posted.

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