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Do you know a good thirtysomething?

Or even a twentysomething?

There is often talk in the Valley of finding new leaders and growing “the next generation.” One cool vehicle for that is the Mahoning Valley Professional 20/30 Club, and specifically their annual “40 under 40” honors.

They are currently accepting applications and will continue to through June 30. There will be a ceremony Nov. 18 at DeYor.

Here’s a look at their previous honorees:

2009 MVPs

Adam C. Earnheardt
Brigid Kennedy
Shawna L'Italien
Heather McMahon
Allen L. Ryan

2008 MVPs
Jon Arnold
Hon. Capri Cafaro
Phil Kidd
Daniel Thomas Moore
Raquel Pacheco
2007 MVPs
Brian W. Governor
Michael Humphries
Rev Karl H. Rein
James Sutman
Deryck Toles
2006 MVPs
Todd M. Bury
Rebecca M. Gerson
Michele L. Merkel
Diane Vettori
Jay Williams


2005 MVPs
Jerry Bryan
Lewis Macklin
Tim Ryan
Scott Schulick
Stephanie Shaw
Shelley Taylor


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