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Panera’s special bagel deal Tuesday helps Akron Children’s

Tuesday (June 29) is “Bagels for Babies” at Panera. The push is on for companies and bosses to buy up the bagels by the bagload to benefit Akron Children’s.

Do you know a top 30something?

There is often talk in the Valley of finding new leaders and growing “the next generation.” One cool vehicle for that is the Mahoning Valley Professional 20/30 Club, and specifically their annual “40 under 40” honors.

Goodbye, Big Butter Jesus

What else do we need to experience to know it’s all over?

Creating state status for the salamander, bullfrog and Bertram

I will attempt to work with State Sen. Joe Schiavoni to generate legislation making Bertram DeSouza Ohio’s official journalist.

Building on Vindy story, where are your loved/hated speed traps?

Where's your loved/hated speed trap?