The power of the frappe on Western Reserve Road?


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by Todd Franko (Contact)   | 340 entries"> Untitled document

I don’t get too hooked into the “latest things.”

I aim for 150,000 miles or more on my cars before I change. My smartphone is ancient at more than 3 years old. And my golf clubs are 10 years old.
But I love McDonalds’ new frappe drink. They nailed it.
But one small frustration is that the McD’s on Western Reserve Road at I-680 does not sell the new treat. (It’s my home McD’s).
My first and second times through drive-thru, I was told “We don’t have the machines here.” My assumption was they were getting them. I had not asked for details; the drive-thru staff did not offer them.
My third time through that location, and by now a savvy frappe client, I asked for details. I had received the same “We don’t have the machines here” reason. So I said something like: “These are really popular drinks, even with me, who hates new things. When will you have the machines?”
The worker, sounding somewhat anxious about either too long of a customer chat in the drive-thru line, or yet another inquiry about not having the frappe machines, answered more specifically than I imagined.
He said: “Sir, our restaurant is not big enough to have the machines. To get the machines, we’d need a whole new building.” His tone was “that’s not happening.”
Well — the Western Reserve McDonald’s is down and a new one is being built. I’m trying to track down owners.
Did the frappe overwhelm them like it did me?


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