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This week starts differently for us than it has since, oh, 1973.

Reporter Harold Gwin retired to his sailboat last week, ending 37 years here. His last day was Friday.

He was a reporting legend in Pennsylvania for years, or machine, as one editor tagged him. In the last handful of years, he’s been on this side of the state line to handle our key education coverage — specifically YSU and Youngstown city schools.

Click here for a look at Harold’s last day where he finally got to have a “casual Friday” -- albeit for an hour or so.

Each week, reporters file a week-ahead look at their reporting efforts. Here's what Harold filed last week for this week:

MONDAY:1-Wake up at 7 a.m.--maybe.
                    2-Take the dog for a walk at 8 a.m. (if she insists)
                    3-Hit the sailboat about 11-ish.
                    4-Return home around 4 p.m. to cook dinner for my 
wife (who said she is glad to finally have a wife of her own-I guess 
she means me).
                    5-Consider mowing the lawn about 7 p.m.--or maybe 
                    6-Finally get to stay up late and watch Jay 
Leno's monologue.

TUESDAY:-see Monday entry.


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