Burger boys are keeping it hot


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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries

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-->The Burger Boys weighed in and said that following their appearance in The Vindy, the visitors to their MySpace page increased by a few hundred.
But more importantly, 50 referrals for Valley burger places came in as well. So they’ll be busy for a couple years pursuing the best burger in the Valley.
The group, officially the Mahoning Valley Burger Review Board, made a recent stop in Martini Brothers in Girard to watch local guy Steve Bydo take on Martini’s “Fat Daddy Heart Attack Challenge burger." Check out this burger:

- 4 seven-ounce burgers
- turkey

- ham
- 3 buns
- lettuce, tomato and onions

With the burger order comes a family-size order of fries, chili and mac n’ cheese.
Bydo became the 19th victim — failing to down the meal in 25 minutes despite a crowd of well-wishers and “Rocky” music in the background. One person has succeeded, although the Burger Boys did not name him.
Check out Bydo’s attempt on the MVBRB site on MySpace, www.myspace.com/mvbrb. /> Another food mention goes to Jorgine Shaffo of Jorgine’s Deli inside the Downtown Youngstown YMCA. She sent along a note of thanks for my mention of her food in a column about a Downtown Kiwanis meeting.
I had to mention her:
A) The food is great, and,
B) I felt horrible the last time we had a downtown food story in The Vindy and she was left off the list.