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NFL player's column pulled from Vindicator

A newspaper column that appeared in The Vindicator featuring Liberty High School graduate Bradley Fletcher will no longer appear, and the companion blog for the column was removed from our web site Friday.Some material that was provided as Fletcher’s column appeared verbatim in another newspaper, the Provo (Utah) Daily ...

A Youngstown mom's long journey comes to an end

The long journey for Philomena Liguore has come to a peaceful end at age 88.Liguore's life was beautifully shared by her daughter, Maryann Liguore, this past Mother's Day in The Vindicator. Click here to read the touching story.Here's an excerpt from that piece. It defines how Liguore had her biggest ...

One mom's gift -- a son with Down syndrome

A column I wrote for Sunday, Oct. 18 focuses on the opening of a new home for the Down Syndrome Association of the Valley.To help tell the story, I interviewed Christina Neer, a mom from Deerfield in neighboring Portage County. Her son, Luke, 8, has Down syndrome. She says his ...

Need flu help? Try our, um, Oscar-worthy video

We work hard at The Vindicator.Sometimes, we have fun working hard.If you did not see this yet, check out this handy flu-help video acted out by Vindy staffers John Cruz and Dan Wegendt.There will be no autograph sessions -- it would violate the new health rules.