Maple syrup reference angers two readers


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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


A lot of readers turned to a story this week about a Canfield residence that was home to improperly cared for children and animals, as alleged by various child and animal welfare officials. Click on the story here.

One description of the home came from a Canfield police officer who described walking through the animal waste in the home as walking through 2 inches of maple syrup.

The story resonated with a lot of readers and drove many of you to our message boards — the syrup reference standing out with many folks.

But the story angered two readers: area maple syrup growers who were outraged at our story and the impact it would have on maple syrup sales.

The call came in to the newsroom during the first hours of the initial Canfield story. The anger and outrage about the injustice we served up to maple syrup was such, the editor receiving the call was unsure if it was a prank or if he was being taped for a radio show gag.

We get lots of call about our stories. This was one worth sharing.


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