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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


It was career day Thursday for the students of St. Luke school in Boardman.
I got a chance to be part of it, and it’s always a fun way to get out of the office.
What was really special about this group of kids is I did not have to talk.
Or at least I did not have to have an opening 20-minute overview of what I do, how I do it, etc.
The kids were not even seated and the chatter was already going.
“I read the comics every day ...” shouted one student.
And we rolled from there ...
We also had some fun that I recorded on my video camera. Click here.
I used our free-flowing session to teach the kids that not every newspaper person agrees on an answer to the question “What’s news?”
What we did Thursday might not be news video in some places. But I made it news video for the kids — and for you — to enjoy.

Watch Chris Amill steal the show at the end.

(If you have a career day, send me an invite. I’m game ...)

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