Another awful story on government hiring ... (I remember a column I once wrote ...)


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by Todd Franko (Contact)   | 340 entries


There’s a great story that’s out today that outlines state government hiring despite announced hiring freezes.

Lots of states.

Lots of “freezes.”

But lots of hiring.

In Ohio, golf course workers, parks officers and 17 administrators earning six-figure salaries were among 777 exceptions to its January 2008 hiring limits, according to the story by The Associated Press. Read the story here.

What jumps out most at me is the garbage excuse handed out by Gov. Strickland’s aide:

“We have approved some positions that fall into the category of kind of keeping the lights on and the doors open,” said David Ellis, Ohio’s deputy state budget director.

I read that and I immediately went back to the column I wrote in March about a regional economic development guy hired at $56K. Here’s the column.

I couldn’t understand the hiring then. And I still can’t now — even with Ellis’ justification. How is this hire “keeping the lights on?”

PS: Regarding government spending, check out The Vindy on Sunday as we profile the health plans purchased by our local governments using our tax dollars.

You will see some governments paying nearly twice what other governments are paying for health care coverage.

Example: the city of Columbiana offers health care coverage to employees that annually costs $15,988 per person. Yet in Columbiana schools, its coverage plan costs $8,219.

We’ll have lots of government plans for you to look at.

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