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Three interesting emails came in Sunday morning. Check them out below.

Do others agree? Do you disagree?

Weigh in with a comment or two. I'll weigh in in just a bit ...


Todd: There must be a better way to write newspaper articles - I would suggest taking clues from the web.  My criticism is universally aimed at all newspapers.  I would like to have the meat of an article in the first paragraph.  I would like to see bold face introduce key topics (links) in the article.

I am tired of searching for the gist of an article, sometimes rereading to find the point; as a result, I rarely read local interest articles, such as your “Keep Lower West Side.” I know I am missing a lot of good information, but I fear being frustrated, if I do.

Examples of my frustration are in today’s paper (Sunday). Page A3, “U.S., Canada challenge”. Please find a challenge in this article.  Page C1, “The best notes” Please show me a note, quote, or anecdote. I’d love to read the quirky things that influenced the writer.

The best example is Page B1, “Proposal would tax ...” We don˙t learn until the fourth paragraph about the proposal. There could be several bold faces: Union Officials Concerns, Representatives’ Positions, Health Workers Speakout.  Now when I read this article I get the story, if I want more details I can see and pick the ones I want.  It is to the point yet gives me opportunity to get more detail.

I think there needs to be a new model for writing newspaper articles. Please take this from a news junkie who loves the feel of a paper in his hands, but who more and more gets his news from the web where they do a better job of delivering the facts and managing space.


Todd: I know this is such a minor gripe, but I really, really am tired of seeing wedding announcements that are 9 or 10 months — even 1-year-old. I’m guessing some of them may already be divorced! I say 3 months old max. I believe there used to be a time frame with which to post. Anyway, that’s my little pet peeve for the day. But thanks for all you do write about. May good fortune fall on The Vindicator, you and the entire Mahoning Valley — especially the GM plant and workers. C.C.


Apparently (and literally) you + op ed folks are not on the same page when it comes to this issue. Interesting. Guess that's a good thing.

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