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Did you catch the pay raises at YSU? Ten percent over 3 years ... nice ...

By Todd Franko (Contact)

Published July 20, 2009

So amid your weekend dealings, did you happen to catch the pay raises handed out at YSU?

Raises over three years will hit 10 percent for a professional staff union

That's a pretty good contract in a robust economy. With the economy we have now, it's hitting the lottery.

If the contract was a game of chance like a lottery, the resulting raises would be more palatable. But it was a negotiated contract hammered out in the last 12 months.

Wow ... Where the hell were they meeting? It certainly wasn't in this country or this valley.

Before I could even get my arms around the absurdity of the numbers, an emailer hit me with this Saturday morning. It says alot:

The front page of the Vindy Saturday has a story about the new $1 million contract for The Association of Professional Administrative Staff union at YSU. Apparently, everyone in the union gets at least a 10% increase over 3 years with some getting more.

The highest paid "Database Administrators" will make $104,000 of our tax dollars annually!!!
Anyone care to tell me what special skill a Database Administrator needs? - Law School? a PHD? A Medical degree?  please explain.

Where is YSU? It can't be in Youngstown where the average private-sector wage is dropping like a rock and people are being laid off right and left. What's wrong with these people giving out taxpayer funded raises while everyone else is struggling to get by.

Now let's set aside the private sector....look at the nonprofits:
The Rescue Mission has had to lay off  8 people - in an area that needs its help more than ever
The Public Library has had to reduce hours and services and EVERY PUBLIC employee at the library has taken pay CUTS, including the Executive director!
The Salvation Army can only supply meals 2 weeks out of 4 to the needy.

I have no beef with anyone getting as much as they can. God Bless anyone who can get a raise. I mean that. Go for it.
But I have a problem with boards of public organizations handing out cash like candy when everyone else is suffering all around them.

The YSU Board of Trustees should include some people who make less than a $100k a year and are in touch with the local reality. Or how about some of the thousands of people in the area who are laid off. they have plenty of time to attend board meetings.

Vindy columnist Bertram DeSouza sounded off on this on Sunday, and some YSU staffers fired right back.

So what are your thoughts?



1OldFashionedMama(77 comments)posted 7 years ago

"Oh we promise we won't raise tuition!"

RIGHT >:-( As a YSU student, I'm SO pleased to know my money is going towards fattening the wallets of those who already have enough. Even if President Obama increased federal funding for students (which IS a substantial increase), it isn't really helping if your university is just going to steal it all away from you. Sometimes I think I'm in the wrong business. To hell with being a musician and doing something that makes people happy, I should be a paper-pusher and make 100K a year for stting on my ASS! But no, I'm not going to do that because I have self respect and enjoy being able to sleep at night.

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2JeffLebowski(953 comments)posted 7 years ago

I'm no mathematician but given that the average yearly pay raise in this country is 3% this doesn't seem too far from par. I, for one, would be thankful that at least one place-of-business in the area could afford to try to keep pace with the national average; then again, I also possess common sense and the ability to reason.

OldFashioned -- Your attitude is fantastic, I'll bet it is everyone else's fault that you haven't made it to the big-time yet, right? Right. Get a good agent to "push papers" for you, maybe you could get some results.

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3HundredReasons(31 comments)posted 7 years ago

Tenure, guaranteed raises, pensions... just change the name to General Motors University and the comparison will be complete.

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4Woody(493 comments)posted 7 years ago

"Database Administrators" are a highly technical position. $104k yearly is bit high. But most senior level DBAs as they are referred to in the tech world are in the $85k plus range depending on the size of the organization. It is a high demand profession. As in their is more openings then their is qualified people to fill them.

Here is more info for you:

You should pay me for doing your research.

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5Stan(9923 comments)posted 7 years ago

They must think that we still are the land of plenty . What is the goal here ? Suck blood until until the host drops ? DNA studies should be done to see if they have any mosquito genes .

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6ytown9999(55 comments)posted 7 years ago

Woody, you're a tad off on your research. Try again.

"15-1061 Database Administrators Mean Hourly: $26.71 Mean Annual: $55,560.

That's from the US Burea of Labor Statistics, specifically for the Youngstown-Warren Metro area.


Mean annual salary of a DB Admin in this area: $55,000, not $85,000.

So sure, it make total sense that nearly double that is reasonable.

Good thing no one paid your for your research.

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7NoBS(2841 comments)posted 7 years ago

Todd, tell us what you and the other staffers at the Vindicator make. Especially deSouza. Didn't the price of a newspaper jump a whopping 43% not long ago? That's a pretty sweet deal in ANY economy, especially this one.

Must be nice to have a monopoly.

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8NoBS(2841 comments)posted 7 years ago

The silence is deafening.

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9BobK(62 comments)posted 7 years ago

What someone makes in private companies is no ones business. YSU is NOT a private business. It is taxpayer supported, In the real world that makes a difference.
I am glad to see that the minute the State OK'd tuition increases that the LAME DUCK administration with nothing to lose did raise them even though not yet needed. If that is not bad they then GAVE it AWAY in PAY to some of the best paid workers in the area. They did this because they wont be here to have to deal with this next time around.
With a son and wife attending YSU at great COST and sacrifice to US I see we will contribute another $500 or so this year. I am honored to give my money to these needy people even though as a family we made thousands less this year.
Years back a buddy of mine joking(only half so) said he should sue the Fitch guidence counselor for stearing him AWAY from teaching. 20 some years later look who has the jobs, teachers and instructors at public institutions. It cannot be that bad of a job as I know at least a dozen folks waiting to get hired for these positions.
Anyhow this type of give away is EXACTLY how GM, Forum, Steel, etc ended up in the place they did.
The UNION folks as well as the Administartion KNOWS darn well that years from now this type raise will crash and burn. They dont care as they get theirs NOW and wont be here to deal later on with the results.
Sweet simply failed to do his job as he was let go with no contract, So his payback is this. He showed all of us by giving the store away

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