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by Todd Franko   | 340 entries


Our TV book that appears in the Saturday edition of The Vindicator took on a smaller format today.
This is a continuation of the TV grid change we started in our daily newspaper Jan. 25.
When the reduced grids started in the daily paper, readers called our newsroom emphatic that we reduced the size of the print.
We did not reduce the size of the type.
Let me repeat that in case you went away to a commercial:
We did not reduce the size of the type.

Our changes in the weekly TV book are:
• We shifted the grid cycle to Saturday to Friday. It was from Sunday to Saturday.
• In making the above shift, there is no longer a TV grid on the Saturday entertainment page as it’s in the TV book that day. We’ll now use that daily space for more stories.
• All the grids (morning, afternoon and evening) are still printed, as are the games and puzzles.
• We have also moved the Soap Opera Summary – which used to run in Sunday’s Vindicator – into the TV Week book.
All of these changes have allowed the booklet to be reduced from 24 pages to 12 pages per week. Over the course of 52 weeks, that reduction allows for thousands of dollars in savings.

In Sunday's Vindy, I also explain the reason for the hike in our price when you buy The Vindy at a store or from our machines.

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